06 February 2013

A Mom's Life: 2/48

For this episode, I will feature a mommy who hates dishwashing as much as I do. Haha! I think there's something unglamorous about greasy plates, pots and pans. Plus, she's also a military wife like me --- we are wives to members of the PMA Mandala Class of 2006. But there's one thing she is that I'm not (aside from having too many clothes that she now sells at Closet Trail) --- as of this post, she's 8 weeks pregnant! Motherhood becomes a fab job when you see a mom like her (and me? Not!).

NAME: Jeane Therese "Jinggay" D. Iglesia

AGE: 29

CHILD, AGE: Celine Mikaelle D. Iglesia, 4.6 years old

OCCUPATION: Former Real Estate Manager. Presently a preggy full time-momma/wifey.

FAVORITE OUTFIT: White crisp long sleeves, nice fitting jeans and my trusty old ballerina flats.

MUST-HAVE BEAUTY COSMETIC: My top 3 are: Bobbi Brown Bronzer/Blush duo, Maybelline Colossal Volume Express Mascara and never under estimate the power of wearing False Eyelashes. :)

HOBBIES: Surfing the web, reading books about fashion, style, make up and interior design.

CURRENT READ/WATCH: Read --- Tim Gunn's Fashion Bible. Watch --- Carrie Diaries and Ina, Kapatid, Anak :)

FAVORITE DOMESTIC DUTY: Anything, just please do not make me ever wash the dishes.


PET PEEVE: Rude and hypocrite kind of people.

2013 GOAL: Learn how to drive and buy my own car --- Honda Jazz or a Honda City.

DREAM FOR CHILD/REN: To graduate from a reputable university and get a high paying job.


  1. Looking forward to all the mommies who will be featured in your MOM's life :)

  2. Weet! Weet! That's one hot momma!

    Baligtad tayo. I like dishwashing :)