04 February 2013

Dear Ex-Boyfriend

I miss you. Again, Philippine Army has you. But I hope I have your heart today. Cool, aren't we? I long for the days when I was your only girl. It's different now. You have a demanding little girlfriend who beats you when you talk to me. Can you tell her you were mine first? Please? She's kinda annoying; adorable but annoying. She looks like you, actually. Just cuter. She eats squash and you don't. Do you miss us and washing the dishes?  
I'm sure you'll be coming home soon. I love you like anything. 
Your ex who can't move on

I can't find the photos of what we had in February 04, 2007. So this is what I have. We visited one of your mistahs who was assigned in the Presidential Yacht. Then we went to UP for the UP Fair Concert. Bliss. ♥

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