20 February 2013

A Mom's Life: 4/48

NAME: Ellane Mescy Amorillo-Antiquina

AGE: 27

CHILD, AGE: Franco Alexander aka Nash, 1.4 years old
                        Franchesca Margaux- coming very soon (July - EDD)

OCCUPATION: General Manager at Junlin Security Agency/Franco's favorite playmate/hubby's no.1 supporter

FAVORITE OUTFIT: Leggings and long flowy tops

MUST-HAVE BEAUTY COSMETIC: None. Just my sparkling eyes plus my smile and I'm good to go! (Bebeng says: pak na pak ang answer!)

HOBBIES: Driving and beach bumming

CURRENT READ/WATCH: 48 Laws of Power; The Vampire Diaries

FAVORITE DOMESTIC DUTY: Taking care of my uber hyper tot.

GUILTY PLEASURE: Shopping and cheesecakes

PET PEEVE: Stupidity in all forms

I think this is why my friendship with Mescy started in the first place. We liked each other 'cause we hate the same stuff. Hehe. Really, there are topics/issues that we never thought we would agreed upon. Kasi naman 'di ba, we're poles apart. She's kinda the rich and spoiled Margaux (Maja Salvador) of Ina Kapatid Anak nung friends pa sila ni Celyn (Kim Chiu), and yes, ako yung purita mirasol. I remembered pa nga that she was craving for isaw (skewered pork intestines), which she posted in Facebook. So when she and Fritz (her husband) visited us at home, I bought her a few. She ate it while we tackle why some people in this universe could be really that stupid. Of course, we don't just talk about those silly matters. She's also an army wife. We have shared the same sentiments of  how normal waiting for our husbands to come home is. 

2013 GOAL: To lose weight after I give birth

I really don't know her whole pagkatao yet, but I think she can do this. She's a strong-willed woman despite being unica hija to her parents; perhaps, her training in the Philippine National Police Academy made her such. As her friend, I will support her. Pero try natin takawin! Haha! She's a certified foodie eh. Having to grow up with a mom who cooks great, who wouldn't be one, right? They actually own Udang's Restaurant located in Bulua, Cagayan de Oro City.

She may have all the love in the world and living a very comfortable life, but she's a regular mom just like most of us. Her whole being crushes whenever she rushes her little boy to the hospital. And now that she'll soon have a little princess, I'm sure she's excited to buy something pink and pretty for her; just like any mom would.


  1. i knew mescy during my short-lived cadetship stint. she's beautiful inside and out.:) funny, very talkative and super down to earth.

  2. Agree with the "stupidity". Friends will always be like that. Yung kahit ano lang, pero nagkakaintindihan kayo. Yung kahit super different kayo sa isa't isa. That's true friendship. =)

  3. And I love the beauty cosmetic very cheap and readily available! Killer smile and tantalizing eyes!

  4. Been reading your 'Mom's Life' and I knew someday she would be featured. :D Oh the fave cosmetic is really a must-have!!

  5. MUST-HAVE BEAUTY COSMETIC: None. Just my sparkling eyes plus my smile and I'm good to go! -aylavet! :)