16 February 2013

February Fourteen

This is LB's first Valentine's Day that she is actually aware of it. The whole world is commercially and traditionally celebrating it, so there's no excuse for me to hide it from her. I made sure we'll be celebrating it. Kesa sagutin ang isang truck niyang WHYs. They made a card pa nga during her class eh, paglabas niya she handed it to me. So wala talagang kawala.

Pero eto na nga. I picked her up at school, as usual. At ang bagets may pagwawala. Ayaw pa daw umuwi. Told her we'll buy a cake because it's Valentine's Day, 5 minutes daw muna sa tree house. Naubos na buhok ko sa stress, ayaw pa din niya gumorabelles. Nag-walk out nga ako, ayun may kasunod na ako. Effective. Hehe. Medyo gusto ko ng mawala sa mood kasi nagsusungit ang ka-date ko. When we got home, I asked her if she'd like to go out pa to buy cake, sabi niya "of course, Nanay". Aba, aba! I told her she has to sit in her chair for 5 minutes muna without doing anything if she wants; payment sa 5 minutes na hiningi niya sa tree house na OA naman sa tagal. Sumunod naman! Although nung mga 3 minutes na, kumakanta-kanta ng The Show ni Lenka. Napapangiti ako. Hindi talaga pwedeng magalit ng husto sa kakyutan nitong big doll ko eh. Then told me "Nanay, I'm bored na". Kainis talaga, demanding boss. 

I dressed her up na and dahil wala ata akong red shirt or something fanciful (dahil si LB maraming pretty clothes), I decided to wear a Hello Kitty shirt like my little date. We were supposed to meet a friend in SM Marikina who came home from the UK, kaso she said na this coming week na lang daw. Susuotin pa naman na sana ni LB her Marie Antoinette flats. Eh dahil isang kembot lang from our balur ang destination namin, so yung Barbie jelly slippers na lang niya. Anyway, wearing my sneaks from Juice Footwear, ayun at lumarga na kami to find a trike going to Red Ribbon. That's the nearest place where we could have a chocolate-y cake, the way we want it; without spending too much. When we arrived there, konti pa lang customers. We were just 2nd in line. Pag-upo namin, grabe na ang tao! All of them were buying cakes in bonggang size. Malamang noh, bake shop ang Red Ribbon eh, magtaka ko pag may nagpa-vulcanize. #labokolang

After eating, we walked towards the Catholic church, where there were lots of flowers and Valentine's thingamajigs sold outside. I asked her what she wanted. I thought she's going to ask for a pink bouquet of flowers (hindi ko bibilin, fyi! Haha!) but she chose the stuffed heart in a stick. Ay bet ko yang choice mo, 'nak! Php50 lang. Then went home na. I felt a bit lethargic on the way home 'cause I received a text message that shook my world. Pero para saan pa ang Triple Chocolate Cake namin ni LB, di ba? Nagpaka-high na lang ako sa phenylethylamine.

When we were about to finish the last slice of the cake (yup, isang upuan lang!), I had this conversation with my honest and innocent little princess:
B: Are you happy 'nak?
LB: U-huh. (licking her fork)
B: Eh why are you not smiling?
LB: I miss Tatay... (at umarte pa talaga na malungkot siya)
B: (lump in the throat)
LB: ... and Prince, and her iPhone.
B: (natatawa) his po. You pray that he'll come home soon.
So that's how we celebrated our February 14th. How about you, momma? ♥

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  1. ang cute nyo mommy:)I also did with my family, malling and eating lang..may signature pose si LB.:)ang kyooooooot:)