21 February 2013

I'm a Player

... of Candy Crush Saga, that is! :p

When the little boss is already giving out cute little snores, when done watching Ina Kapatid Anak, when I'm finished cleaning up for bedtime --- I have an online date with the candies. Perhaps, I got screwed up tired of reading the notifications in my Facebook account asking for "life requests", that I gave it a try. There. I'm hooked. But not as hooked as I was when I had Cafe World. Kumbaga sa pakikipag-syota, fling lang 'to. Hindi seryosohan. #gumaganun

If we're friends in Facebook, please give me life. I'm begging you. Ktnxbye. 


  1. hehehehe.. maganda ba sya? un mga friends ko ksi addicted jan. d ko naman malaro dito sa laptop ko.. sayang d kita mabibigyan ng life, Mommy Bebeng! enjoy playing!

    1. Hehe. Ayos naman, pampatay oras, pampaantok. :)
      Hindi naman tayo friends sa FB, so hindi mo din talaga ko mabibigyan ng life. Hahaha! Parang mga bata lang. ;)