08 December 2014

Updating the Project: Weeks 38 to 45 of 52

"My daughter's photos, once a week, every week, in 2014."

When I challenged myself to doing this because I love Bleubird's 52 Weeks so much (then later on found out about Practising Simplicity's, which actually started the premier of the now famous project, through Chasing Dreams'), it never occurred to me that I can be 12 weeks late! Gah! I apologize to those may be waiting for a photo of my little girl every week. Well, if you're always here and on my cyber sala (Facebook), you know that I'm super busy with Bebeng's Kitchen stuff. But I'm letting the Royal Help do some things for me first so I can do a massive update on this then maybe, just maybe, my brain cells will have the adrenaline rush and function super good that I can write more pending articles. I have soooo many kwentos to share with y'all, actually.

Anyway, let's start with — 

Week 38: September 16-22

It was the week before her birthday! It was rainy, as usual when it's September; thus, the boots and the umbrella, obviously. This was on September 22nd when her pop arrived. I think we were heading out for dinner (and some grocery shopping), and I just felt like she looks so cute with her green sweatshirt so I took a snap before getting inside the car. 

Week 39: September 23-29

The happiest week in my sweet cupcake's life! She celebrated her 6th birthday twice. First a late lunch with me, Cpt R and Mama A in TGI Friday's in Eastwood City then a party with her classmates in school. Tatay R bought her a walkin' and talkin' Pinkie Pie! Almost the same price with bikes for her age, incredible. Oh well, she is his unica hija so yes, anything to make her happy.

Week 40: September 30-October 6

The king was still home for his once in a while and well-deserved R&R. We went to the Headquarters of the Philippine Army (HPA) in Fort Bonifacio for the renewal of our military dependent's IDs. Cpt R also processed some medical stuff at the Fort Bonifacio General Hospital (FBGH); hence, the uniform. To those not in the know, they can't do military errands if not in uniform, them soldiers. 

Don't you just love how they adoringly look at each other? They're so in-love!

Week 41: October 7-13

So her first love has gone back to the camp by this time and it was us again. God knows we're the type who don't easily move on from happy things that goodbyes are difficult times for us so He made us busy. I was in "establishing BK mode" that a geographically solo mompreneur like me had to bring her along to wherever I go. This was in Anson's in Ortigas. She was trying out the HoMedics Massage Chair while I was shopping for my oven, mixer and blender. I always make sure that she brings her own bag filled with stuff that she can get busy with. But this time, she busily relaxed. What a hipster!

Week 42: October 14-20

Like the previous week, I had to bring her along again on one of my shopping trips. We shopped for electric fans at Sears Marketing in Marikina, our small humble city. A wall fan with pink blades for her room and a big industrial stand fan for the kitchen (it really gets warm in there when I cook or bake). She always brings along with her a toy or two when we're out. And yes, it's usually one of her pony friends.

Week 43: October 21-27

You might think that she doesn't go to school anymore because she's always with me on my errands. Well, even though I know that she learns a lot (as in, practical serious life hacks and lessons) when she's out with me, she still does. I have a confession, though. Thoughts of homeschooling her had passed by my busy mind. I hate it when I had to wake up super early when in fact, I haven't slept yet. I also hate it that I had to rush to pick her up when I'm already focused on my kitchen duties. I asked her about it and she gave the most worried face in the planet. So no, I'm ditching that homeschooling thought for now. She loves going to school so much that she asks me to bring her there on a lazy, sleepy Sunday morning. WHY. Hahaha.

Btw, it's Sophia and Amber and James? Nah, that's Euan! They were all dressed up (or down?) for a pajama party in school as a semender activity. No school for two weeks. Yipee or not?

Week 44: October 28-November 3

The husband was home again for Undas break (All Saints' and Souls' Days). This was in SM City Masinag where he had his eyes checked so he can have his glasses' lens changed. I might share it with you along with his new diet if I have more time since it's really a share-worthy story;  most especially if your husbands/boyfriends/dads/brothers are into eating fatty foods and actually have unhealthy vices (too much alcohol and cigarettes). 

So after we left the optical shop, we passed by a store that sells musical instruments. What do you call that? A musical store? It sounds like the crew has to sing while selling. Hehe. Btw, my curious George er, Sophia immediately ran to the grand piano when she saw it. Her interests are expensive ha! She wants ponies (sometimes real-life horses) then owning a piano then lately, riding a helicopter. I think she was an haciendera in her past life. 

Week 45: November 4-10

Weeeeee! This photo could have been more contagious had it been shot using a dSLR. But hey, it's cute still. We went to Fun Ranch in Ortigas after her school and used the free ride-all-you-can GC that we got from the Mommy Bloggers Philippines' Halloween party. This was Pia's first roller coaster ride. The literal roller coaster alright. She super had fun riding all that she can and since it was a weekday, we almost had the amusement park all by ourselves. So that's a tip if you want to avoid the crowd. She rode the bump cars on her own and wow, my girl can drive!!! I actually told her proud pop to teach her to drive a real car even before she turns 13. 

There. That's it for now. The Royal Help is done with descaling and deboning the poor fishies so time to cook where they'll swim again, haha. When will my next post be up again, you might ask? I don't know. It comes like a thief in the night, you know. 

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