16 September 2015

What can I say?

In the days that I want blogging to be a normal thing, to include it in the routine of my daily beautiful mess, that's when I feel like I am slooooowly dragging myself away from the space I have loved too much one time. Why are there bloggers who can find time to write about their new lipstick or latest gadget and I can't even sit here to bleed nonsense thoughts? Que sera sera. Just like the hottest split-screen love team on TV, my blogging is at its best when it's not forced. And words aren't number-conscious. 

So today, after my shift at work in my comfy house dress (yes, I am now a certified work-at-home mama), I decided to jot in here a few of what I currently think or maybe the nothingness caused by cups of coffee and glasses of cola. Well, I'll be finishing my girl's invites for her classmates and teachers before I can finally doze of for 3 hours. The little miss will be having a simple gathering this weekend for her 7th birthday. I can't wait to share what I have prepared. It isn't as lavish as other girls' 7th birthday parties but I am sure, in my heart, my sassy songstress will love it. Just like how I always hoped it could be, the husband is home to help me with my wahm changes and party preps. 

So far, so cool. 

I might be saying hi to you all here more regularly. Say, something about why I like James Reid and Nadine Lustre? And perhaps, I can tell you a little about my learnings as I turned 31 this month. 

Alright, friends. Until I feel the urge again. (why does it have to sound that way?)


  1. Hi muther!!!! <3 Pwedeng makicelebrate na rin ng birthday with P? hehe. Nagiisip pa ako ng gagawin on my birthday this sat. :D

    Take care always po :)

    1. Thanks for always being here. Istin! Cheers. ♥

  2. I'm here. Still reading you. Miss you. And congrats, another hat to wear! :)