02 October 2013

A Mom's Life: 36/48

This week's A Mom's Life features one of my former colleagues at the TV network. IMHO, aside from the artistas I have seen, she has the most beautiful face ever. OK, no tomboy moment here ha, I'm just stating a fact! Haha! But guess what, she's more than just a beautiful face. Get to know her more through this "AML slum book".

NAME: Stephanie "Tara" Macaraeg-Alfafara 
(her names are from the movie, Return to Eden)

AGE: 29 

CHILD, AGE: Tiffany, 7 months 

OCCUPATION: Writer/Producer at ABS-CBN Global, Ltd. 

FAVORITE OUTFIT: classic polo/tee, washed-out jeans/shorts, flats, accessories and a nice bag 

MUST-HAVE BEAUTY COSMETIC: Moisturizer (ziaja), cream blush-on (mac) and lip balm (burt’s bees) 

HOBBIES: Reading, Watching Movies, Baking and Cooking 

CURRENT READ/WATCH: Gabriel’s Rapture by Sylvain Reynard, Got to Believe (yup, I watch teleseryes!) 

FAVORITE DOMESTIC DUTY: Cooking and taking care of my little one.

GUILTY PLEASURE: Royce Nama white chocolate! (to die for!) 

PET PEEVE: People who look down on others as if they’re perfect, guys who leave the toilet seat up, People who are mean to animals and people who don’t know how to say thank you and sorry. 

2013 GOAL: To continue my love for baking and creating delectable treats and eventually make it a business again. 

Queen B says: Tara had More Than Just Icings, which used to supply cupcakes for Parvati located in Trinoma, but she stopped when she got busy with wedding preps then got married then got pregnant and have stayed in the US for a while. So let's wish her luck that she'll regain her "baking prowess" and go back to her sweet biz. You may also check her business' Facebook account: Shopstyle US that sells imported stuff from the states, she's also on Instagram: @shopstyleus

I just want her to be a beautiful person. 
Someone who has faith in the Lord, 
believer of good and will always be honest. 

Queen B says: Hello there, beautiful momma! Thank you for allowing me to share a part of your life here on my blog. I hope that you'd be able to go back into baking and offering it once again to the public. You're doing great, keep it up. Mwah! :*

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