30 October 2013

A Mom's Life: 40/48

This cyber palace was like 4 months old when I stumbled upon this fashion blog named LBD & ONESIES. I think it was a giveaway that led me to it. Believe me, I searched all the internet's "nooks and crannies" to find blogs, Facebook pages and Twitter accounts that held contests. I was an addict. That is so last year though. Anyway, this said fashion blog has the "elements" -- OOTDs, fashionable items as sponsors, etc. I'm not sure what exact post was that but there was a story about the blogger's son. Oh wow, this young fashionista has a son? Yeah, yeah. Hence, ONESIES! She is a student, too. No, not just a student-student. She is a Law student. Fast forward to today, I have this AML thing going on here and thought of her. She deserves to be applauded for what she is, right? I only have assumptions on what her motherhood state is, but her being young and strong and brave to raise a child while pursuing her dream career is something that all of us cannot do. You know, I know some moms who just stopped dreaming for themselves because they became moms. They settled for mediocrity because it's the easy way out. Oh, I know; to each her own. But my 40th mom begs to differ.  

NAME: Michelle Francoise "Mish" C. Rendon

AGE: 23

CHILD, AGE: Zack Aeden, 2

OCCUPATION: Law student, fashion and lifestyle blogger, mommy!

FAVORITE OUTFIT: Something laid back. Shorts or jeans, plain shirt, and sandals or flats.

MUST-HAVE BEAUTY COSMETIC: Lipstick and mascara

HOBBIES: Reading and writing.

CURRENT READ/WATCH: Law books and codal hehe. I'm still trying to finish 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene before the semester gets busy.

FAVORITE DOMESTIC DUTY: Playing with Z and cleaning up after his mess. :)


PET PEEVE: People who walk slow, rude people.

2013 GOAL: My 2013 goal is to survive my first year in law school. I think I was able to accomplish it already. :) For the following year, I hope to be admitted on my third year.

Like every other parent, I just want my child to be happy and be successful. 
I want him to discover his passion and I'll be there to support him all the way.

"Being a single mom/ law student has been hard for me. I think I was able to survive the past two years because of my family's support. Z is indeed a blessing to me and my family as we became closer." ~ Mish
Queen B says: The family's support plays a very important role in a solo mom's life, especially if she is as young as Mish. They can either make or break her dreams. To you my dear Mish, thank you for being a part of my AML moms. It's always my pleasure to feature young solo moms like you, who can prove that a woman doesn't need a man to be happy. In your case, you need a little man named Z. Cheers! ♔

Blog: http://www.mishrendon.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lbdandonesies
Twitter: @mishrendon
Instagram: @mishrendon

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