23 October 2013

A Mom's Life: 39/48

When LB and I went to the Baby and Family Expo Press Conference last October 24th (promise, will post about it the soonest), I finally met a mommy blogger whom I just have an online friendship with. She is the dusky beauty behind Nurse's Diary. I super admire her for being so cool and calm, despite bringing two toddlers with her! No nanny, no hubby and fully made-up. I just brought a precocious preschooler (the leader of the kaguluhan haha) and I was kinda hulas na. But Serene's one of those moms who can afford to wear heavy mascara without the trace of stress. She can even manage to smile while her youngest was screaming so happily. Royalties, meet my 39th AML.

NAME: Serene Shikukeza

AGE: 28

CHILD, AGE: Jolo Ryleigh, 3 y/o; Aleighna Jolie, 1yr and 9 mos

OCCUPATION: Nurse/SAHM soon to be mompreneur.

FAVORITE OUTFIT: baggy shirt and shorts :)

MUST-HAVE BEAUTY COSMETIC: BB Cream, eyebrow pencil, mascara, blush on, lipstick

HOBBIES: Crafting, reading, playing online games, watching tv series

CURRENT READ/WATCH: watch: the suits (i'm addicted to the series), pretty little liars season 4, grey's anatomy season 9

FAVORITE DOMESTIC DUTY: Doing the laundry! I am maselan when it comes to our clothes.

GUILTY PLEASURE: When I was still single, malling. Now, eating ice cream and pastries (hello there calories).

PET PEEVE: parents smoking while carrying their babies. How can they be so insensitive?

I hope they would grow up as strong individuals.

2013 GOAL: To finally launch my online business. It's just hard with two kids around. But hopefully in God's grace.

Queen B says: There's something about her that her readers most probably do not know. I'm not sure if it's okay to say it here, but well... Serene is not her real name. Ta-da! Are you surprised? I was, too! Galing, noh? So there, my dear beautiful fellow royalty, thank you for being one of my AMLs! Cheers to calm motherhood. Buti ka pa! LOL. ;)

Nurse's Diary
Instagram: @sereneshikukeza


  1. I only found out that Serene isn't her real name when I asked for her full name for our wedding's guest list. Haha! Gulat din ako eh. :))

  2. She is mary lorraine p lloren