03 March 2014


"My daughter's photos, once a week, every week, in 2014."

Last week's events were superb that I can't even collate my own thoughts to blog about it! I didn't have photos of the kiddo, as a matter of fact. First, my husband came home for his birthday. And he's gonna be here for like 2 months and so 'cause he'll be in military schooling. Yayyyy! We celebrated his birthday here at home with his family and my eldest nephew. There were photos... of the dishes, I cooked. Hihi. Then we went to Republiq in Resorts World to go clubbing with my balikbayan cousin, whose birthday was a day after my husband's. Of course, she was not there so no photo again. I was scanning my phone for a post-worthy (hi-res and has story) photo but to no avail. Oh wait, I saw this. This was taken after we went to my 94-year old grandfather's wake in Greenhills. It's grainy though. That's what a Samsung S3 Mini for you when you use the camera feature indoors at night. It tells a lot of stories though but only mean one thing: We are a complete family. It makes the baby so happy. Her face says it all! ♡


  1. Haha. I saw photos of food nga. Puro food talaga ang pics. Mukhang may ka-buddy ka sa events thanks to hubby hindi na magcocommute! :D

  2. Wow, happy family! The smile on your faces reflects how happy you guys are. Tinitingnan ko mabuti kung sino kamukha ni Pia sa inyong dalawa ni Rhambo. Hindi ko masabi, magkakamukha na kayong tatlo! Hihihi!