07 March 2014

The State of the Art Heritage that is the Manila Hotel

My fellow fierce Denise [Tambuatco], Senior VP of Manila Hotel Marketing asked us during the tour briefing who among us were first-timers. I proudly raised my hand. When she said "why? Where were you?" I just smiled but deep inside me, I wanted to answer "at home, being poor". LOL.

Seriously, I think you all know that I don't belong in a socialite kind of family. We are very, very normal. I mean, typical father-less working class family ― that's what we are. So when I was invited one afternoon to tour Manila Hotel; boy, was I ecstatic! I think I was one of the bloggers who ooh-ed and ahh-ed during the tour. As in, there were goosebumps effect ha! I'm not sure if I can still do splits and cartwheels (at this weight ba naman), but I might do if I'd get invited again for at least an overnight stay with full accommodation in at least their most affordable room. *wink* Because, really  I have never imagined I would be stepping at the luxurious carpeted floors of the 102-year old state of the art heritage that is the Manila Hotel.

This post is heavy on photos so kindly wait for it to load completely. I took a lot using my handy-dandy Samsung ST66. Don't worry. Samsung, having an inefficient battery life, died on me in the middle of the tour. And guess what? My Samsung S3 Mini did, too. Greaaaat. Anyway, if you wish to see more photos, I guess you can visit Jeng's and Gerry's blogs; they were my pizza-making classmates! Yup, I made pizza and ate it, too. It's not just an ordinary pizza, mind you. It's ze Manila Hotel pizza (said that with my fat chin up hehe). I will dedicate a separate post for that because it's my first time to wear a toque. Gosh, so many first times that week! So are you ready for the photos? I tried my best to edit the blurry ones and while I was doing so, I came across THIS. Kalerks. Hahaha! Anyway, here they are.


My name, being of French origin felt one with this room. Choz. The posh chairs and extravagant chandeliers spoke nothing but class. See that mirror over there? Oh.my.gosh. I so want one for my bathroom. Haha! As if. But yeah, everything was perfect. No wonder it won as one of Philippine Tatler's best restaurants for 2013. 


When I saw the bed, my reproductive system was like telling me that I can get pregnant just by lying down there! Oh well, it's $600 a night so I guess honeymooners must get pregnant immediately after their stay there so the pay would be worth it. Hehe. Kidding aside, look at the view! Manila is so beautiful from where I took the photo above. 


I know nothing about the part of the history when Gen Mac Arthur was here in our country. Really, I'm not a history kind of girl (but I'm so good at bringing up my husband's past, lol). It's my husband who actually knows that part since he's in the military. I'm sure he'd be thrilled to see this suite where the famous General actually stayed. Kristine Facto, Manila Hotel's AVP for Marketing, told us that the American military officer originally wanted to stay in Malacanang Palace! But because Philippine Presidents and their families are the only ones allowed to stay there, President Manuel L. Quezon made sure his guest would be comfortable in his stay here. After all, he was helping our armed forces so he deserved nothing but the best. 

We also got to tour the Mabuhay Palace, made the Manila Hotel Pizza and ate the pizza while enjoying Manila sunset; but like I said, my camera and phone died on me. I shall share photos taken by my cousin Camille and some kwento about the pizza-making sesh on a separate post. 

If you wish to tour Manila Hotel, too, you may send them a private message on their Facebook fan page. Search for my and my fellow bloggers' posts on Instagram and Twitter using this hashtag: #MyManilaHotel.

Manila Hotel is located at One Rizal Park, 0913, Manila or call 527-0011 for inquiries. 

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  1. I'm still having goosebumps sa ghostly photo mo. O.O Was that in the Champagne Room? May eerie feeling naman talaga when we were there (o ako lang ba nakaramdam? haha).

    1. Yes, sa Champagne Room nga yun!!! o_O

  2. Nice photos! Ang clear at ang fresh ng dating! Wala ung nag pizza pizzahan ka? Hehe :D

    1. Aha! You did not read the post, you just browsed photos noh? Hahaha!