24 March 2014


"My daughter's photos, once a week, every week, in 2014."

This was the day after the official last day in school. It's a bittersweet photo as I loved the natural light the window has but I know the amount of sadness my daughter felt that day. I told her that it's summer vacation and there will be no everyday classes until 2nd week of June. She kept on saying "but I love my school!", "I will miss my friends" and "what will I do now?" It kinda annoyed me when she cried for three good minutes. It almost awaken the sleeping Hulk inside me. Good thing she voluntarily stopped when the kid neighbors called her for a chitchat. Oh, she won't be doing nothing at home as how she puts it. I already talked to her teacher and we agreed that she'll join his voice lessons. She'll eventually be a part of his Chorale. So excited for her! I hope she'll enjoy. I will surely update you how she's doing. ♡

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