16 June 2013

Her Superhero

To our King, the fried rice master ---  
who bathed my daughter when she was a baby,
who swaddled her better than I did when she had a fever after a vaccine shot,
who lulled her to sleep in Smashing Pumpkins,
who washed her feeding bottles in all his might,
who gave her his shoulder to ride on,
who danced with her whenever she wanted,
who downloads games because he knows it could make her happy,
who loves pink now because we do,
who tries to memorize the characters of My Little Pony,
who proudly asks his men to make a kite for her,
who lets her hold the steering wheel and prepares her for EDSA,
who rattles in fixing his bunks because his princess will arrive,
who laughs with her like there's no tomorrow, 
who values his job because he wants to give her the life that she deserves,
who plans beach trips because I gave birth to a water baby, 
And most of all -  who proved to her that loving her mother is what he can do best for her. ♥  
To my lifetime partner she calls Tatay - HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!
*The video was my Father's Day gift  last year.

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