29 June 2013

Of OOTDs, Changes and Nutrition Month

June's almost over and my 4-year-old student currently has a love-hate relationship with her school, which by the way went through a lot of changes --- beautiful changes, fyi.  Look.

No sand, no dirt and no slippery ground anymore. Like what I've mentioned here, it's now in green bricks! Students can walk or run to and fro the playground without the fear (of moms and nannies, actually) of unwanted accidents.

More changes in the school system included fetchers' IDs, which were issued to parents and drivers of the PSS' students' school vehicles; four additional elementary teachers; and the biggest challenge (for teachers, I suppose!) --- preschoolers will have to eat what the school canteen has cooked for them. 

I actually prepared my little picky-eater on some of the dishes on the list. Well, she said "eww" in champorado, "no ulam?" in arroz caldo but still ate and felt hungry after; and pigged out on a veggie-less pancit canton. However, I'm still positive that this campaign will be successful. I hope to eat champorado with my LB one rainy day. ;)

Of course, her first week of the start of classes will never be complete without OOTD photos. I have posted these on my IG and fed it to my personal FB account; but for those who haven't seen these, enjoy my little firework's days 1-5 outfits of the day!

Cardie from The Little Bugger, Sandals from Elle Kids, Leggings from Zap'd for SM, Headband from Rain Bows
Tee from Barbie, Leggings from Zap'd for SM, Boots from Sugar Kids for SM
Cat tee from the Little Bugger, Skirt from Little Miss for SM, Jelly Sandals from Barbie, Hair Bow from Celestina & Co.
MLP Tee from Babies and Kiddos Online, Polka Skirt from Girls Edition for SM, Shoes from Marie Antoinette Baby & Co.
Keep Calm Tee from SM, Shorts from Gingersnaps, Socks from Barbie and Worn-out Sneaks from Hello Kitty
I'll be posting soon what the school's guest speaker shared with us during the orientation. It's entitled, “Discipline and Guidance: Helping Children Develop Appropriate Behavior at Home”. I've been using some of the tips that I've learned from Professor Katherine Claudette A. Tandoc, a Family Life and Child Development Specialist, and I must say, it's effective. 

How about you moms, how did your child's June go? ♔


  1. Itsura nya talaga nung Day 4. haha. So cute. Ballerina na ballerina ang dating ng pose. :) And she says 'Eww' to Elijah's fave food, Champorado. Kahit maghapon yun ang kainin okay lang sa kanya. haha

  2. OMG... ang sarap tingnan ng arroz caldo! perfect comfort food for the rainy season. ang galing na ni LB mag-pose for her OOTDs.

    1. Hindi lang masarap tignan, masarap talaga in real life. Hehe ;)

  3. Forever in love with that kitty shirt from The Little Bugger. I wanted to make a top inspired by that for my dressmaking class last summer but I couldn't find the right fabric :(

    Glad to read that you're enjoying the school's latest makeover po :) I'm already so nervous for snack time come Monday of next week. (Cue nervous nail-biting).

    God bless po Mommy B!


    1. You should have painted on a white cotton tank top na And yes, the school looks a lot cleaner with the bricks. Good luck on Monday! Hehe. Thanks, TL! :)

  4. Replies
    1. Karirin ko sana everyday, kaso naguulit ng damit. Hihi.

  5. Princess LB is one of the best dressed kid on Instagram and the blog-o-sphere.:)

    1. Naku hot momma, nahiya ako! But sige, gow. All moms have beautiful kids, ika nga nila! :)