26 June 2013

A Mom's Life 22/48

I know that I should have featured another mom in uniform for this month but I'm just so pleased that I didn't find any. You know why? Because this week's slot is actually fatefully reserved for my very good friend, who just gave birth two weeks ago. 

This week's AML was an NBSB (or no boyfriend since birth) when we were in college. We were 5 girls in a group, including our very first AML, Mommy Evie and all of us had and has boyfriends then, except for her. She was the type of a college girl who was everybody's friend, unlike me who had unknowing enemies at every corner of the campus. She was a very hardworking student, too. She was a Cum Laude. I'm not so sure about our other classmates, but she was the first of all my friends who bought a house for her family from her hard-earned money. Then, that was the only time we saw her going steady with a guy. It was all in perfect timing. Yes, it can be destiny. But she also made her destiny that way. Again, unlike me who became a mother first before I became a wife, she married her one great love December 26, 2011 before she became a mom June 10 of this year. I'm pretty sure she can be as devoted to her baby as her mother was to her. Here are snippets about the hardworking new mommy, Jenny Rose.

NAME: Jenny Rose Patiag-Lazaro

AGE: 29

CHILD, AGE: Avisha Jenchie, born June 10

OCCUPATION: Sales Manager, Astoria Plaza

FAVORITE OUTFIT: Maxi skirt, dress

MUST-HAVE BEAUTY COSMETIC: All-natural and organic products

HOBBIES: Watching TV, looking at my little angel's face

CURRENT READ/WATCH: What to Expect the First Year by Heidi Murkoff

FAVORITE DOMESTIC DUTY: Breastfeeding, cooking

GUILTY PLEASURE: Chocolates and coffee

PET PEEVE: Our maid's poor hygiene

2013 GOAL: Going on a business venture; starting or saving up for it this year.

"Too early to say, but I wish her good health."

Queen B says: Jen was still pregnant when she asked us for suggestions on what she could name her little bundle of joy. When her husband-then-boyfriend, Archie and her were still dating, they have previously talked about combining their names, thus, Jenchie. Then she decided to add Avisha. Avisha, according to what I have Googled is actually a boy's name, but was widely used for girls, too. It's of Hebrew origin that means God's gift. Truly, this pretty baby in slumber is God's wonderful present to the couple. :)

Queen B says: Mare, I know I still owe you and Avisha a visit, but let me just say a few words (which I couldn't tell in person, alam mo naman iyakin tayo! Haha!). Thank you for the friendship. We were each other's first friend in the university. We may have traveled different roads but for me, the bond between us had never changed. I'm very happy that you have reached this phase in your life now. You have a flourishing career, you got a wonderful marriage and what, you're a mom! Not all women can be moms --- literally and figuratively. So, we're really, really blessed, you know! She's worth the wait. I won't give you any mother-ish advice because I still have a lot to learn, too. Just treasure every single moment you have with Avisha. But if you need any, you can text me. That is, if you think I'm a good mom. Hehe. Motherhood may have mayhem and mishaps, but it always calls for a celebration. See you real soon, "sunshine!" Xoxo.

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