05 June 2013

A Mom's Life: 19/48

Why did I start this post with that video? AFP's Bayanihan, sung by the country's Pop Star Princess Sarah Geronimo, is actually composed by this week's A Mom's Life. If you wish to watch her own version, please click here. According to Rappler, "LTJG Lady Chatterly Alvaro-Sumbeling, who composed the song, said she feels that it is also through music that the military can influence Filipinos to strive for peace. Incidentally, Sumbeling is one of the 19 members of the military who in July completed a workshop in basic filmmaking."

The fabulous soldier mom comes from a family who loves music. Her sister, DJ Alvaro and her song "Ang Tipo Kong Lalaki", was famous during the 90s. Actually, all her sisters can also sing as good as her. And like the rest of the 18 moms I have featured previously, Mommy Chat, who's my husband's beautiful mistah, has answers to my AML's fact sheet.

NAME: Lady Chatterly Alvaro-Sumbeling

CHILD, AGE: Yvana Chantelle A. Sumbeling, 2 years 9 months

OCCUPATION: Soldier Mommy, homemaker

FAVORITE OUTFIT: Sexy tops and leggings or pants, self-made tops, workout clothes and pambahay


HOBBIES: Songwriting, cooking, singing wherever whenever, working out, fashion, 

CURRENT READ/WATCH: Web, anything about music, food, fashion and business

FAVORITE DOMESTIC DUTY: Cleaning.cleaning.cleaning. Fixing.fixing.fixing!!!

GUILTY PLEASURE: Overeating! Haha!

Bebeng says: This, I guess I must contest. Do you think that's a bod of someone who overeats?! #lifeisunfair

Philippine Navy ♥s Philippine Army: Chat is married to Maj Van Kristoffer Sumbeling PA

Bebeng says: I'm not sure about how but I guess her being an artist makes her a spontaneous person that someone's OCness can actually annoy her. ;)

2013 GOAL: Finish some recordings. Write more songs. Enroll to learn more about my passions.

Bebeng says: I'm sure this cute little girl will "inherit" her momma's singing prowess. 

Bebeng says: Chat, if you have inspired many people on Facebook to get fit and healthy, who are mostly on the chubby side of the world; I hoped that this post could also enlighten moms in uniform that one can make a difference, amidst the odds of mediocrity. Thank you for being my 19th fab mom. :*

"My fellow queens, the Bayanihan song has gone a long way, but I hope you could share the video to your friends and family. Together, let's aim for a more peaceful country for our children."


  1. Chat!!!!!! Akalain mo dito pa kita makikita, hehehe. Small world :)
    Si Bles na lang ang kulang


  2. Ate chrystaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal!!! i miss you!!!! number please?:-)