04 June 2013

Poetry and Instagram

To commence this post, I'll share this Nickelback's Photograph parody first that left me and R in craziness overload.

Two months ago, when I signed up for Instagram, my first few photos were lame, nonsense and wrong in every angle. If there's like an academy for aspiring Instagrammers, I will definitely enroll. But no, few weeks after, I'm learning the art of it. Yes, there is art in Instagram. 

You have to make sure that your subject will not be cropped as you upload it. IG makes it really square that your "eye for it" will lose if you don't practice well. Haha. Sounds serious? Wait, there's more! You need to choose the appropriate filter for each photo. As I have checked in Statigram, I mostly used Valencia. It makes any photo clean and fresh. But sometimes, when I want a little more edge, I try Hudson or Nashville or Lo-Fi.

Wait. Look at this selfie. 

I don't think my phone case is every bit of selfie-worthy. :/
I felt like a teenager, haha! But I haven't done that again. Perhaps, I don't want to condemn myself for doing so. No. Actually, lately, I just don't find myself pretty for a selfie. Hashtag self-depreciation.

There's one thing aspiring IGers should also know - great photos should come with badass caption. It's either it's as beautiful as the photo or don't put any at all or you'll ruin the art. Say, Bianca Elizalde's photos are actually real simple as far as IG-ing is concern, but her captions are poetic; it's good enough for a Hallmark card cover. 

@biancaelizalde says: The alphabetical storyline equation of A Hundred Shades of Blue is about equal to Fifty Shades of Grey minus the S&M, plus the R&R. #instaaaaah#naturetripper #ilovethebeach #whereiwander
@biancaelizalde says: The possibilities of today are endless. That, in itself, makes each morning a gift.
I hope yours is wrapped in an eco-friendly box with a pretty bow and a recycled tag that reads: Happy Friday!!
xx #whilewewerehiking #instaaaaah#whennaturetalksilisten
I tried. Like a crazy typist-for-hire in Recto, Manila I captioned this photo with a lengthy description, as if it's a seatwork in English 3 in highschool. What did it say? "I used to just appreciate what life had offered but when I met the owner of these boots, I've loved life to bits. We fought a lot but never a day have I stopped loving him. I thought being a wife to a jerk-kind-of-man is tough but you know what, it's tougher to be married to a brave soldier. Really. Go, Army! #Armywife #militarymarriage #military"

I still do beki captions, though or sometimes a one-liner but since I haven't blogged regularly lately, I microblog on IG. It makes me feel so good. So have you followed me already? It's @deniserayala! #shamelessplugging


  1. Super agree, Instagramming is an 'art'. :) Still can't get the hang of getting my pics in a 'perfect square' for IG - praktis praktis makes perfect. Hehe.

    Love this boots post by the way... I felt the emotion behind the caption (and the photo too) - heartstring tugging moment ba. :)

  2. That photo of R's booty (hehe) is my most favorite so far.. So far kasi I'm pretty sure that with practice, we can do better :) Anywoot, download ka muther na Instasize. Para hindi ka obliged to cut out hands, feet, etc. hehehe.

    I'll try my best to do the Little Pony within this week, ha?! Pressure ka, muther! Nalurkey ako sa request mo. hehehe

    1. Haha! No pressure sa MLP felt trinkets, muther. Kung kelan mo maibigan. :)
      I'm using Photo Squarer when I don't feel like cropping it. The booty (hehe) photo is my most favorite, too, so far. ♥

    2. Whew! Nakahinga ako dun :) Still trying to find my energy back to doing felt. Hehe. Baka hindi nko marunong maggupit eh. Hehehe

  3. i simply like your blog, the photos are quite good when i look at the photos especially the top one "your photo" you look pretty and i can see creativeness in you. i appreciate it. the writings and photos very nice. so far this blog is one of my fave.

  4. this is my second try 2 comment the first one failed. i want to make it short. well, this blog is kinda simple and the top photo is pretty which is you are. the two photos you got is very unique and relaxing also. i like the writings. the boots, well so old and dirty haha! nice photo! one of a nice blog! good job!

  5. same same feeling being married to a soldier!!! i salute all soldierwives out there! being alone while your man is serving our country! :)

  6. I didn't know there is an art in taking photos and uploading it thru my IG account:D thanks to you for sharing ahaha