28 June 2013

Nanaygosyante of 2013: June

Let me end this month with my June issue of Nanaygosyante of 2013. Whoa, I can't believe I'm nailing the challenge I gave myself 6 months ago. #feelingvictorious 

Anyway, when I featured Lhoydz of Xai Baby Shoppe on March 17, one of her loyal customers messaged me about a blog collaboration. I did not think twice about it when I checked her Facebook page. Her hairbow designs are lovely and she also has good ideas that made our partnership a light experience. I'm just so happy that I've been blessed to reach out to a lot of mompreneurs wanting to expand their business by being featured on a mommy blog, like mine. 

Mary Louise Sandiko started her online business by opening a private account on Facebook almost a year ago. Li'l Miss Belle offers hair accessories for infants and little girls, formal headpieces, made-to-order maternity sash and bow organizers. 

Like most of the mompreneurs I have interviewed, Louise's husband helps her in the business the best way he can. Christopher, a Mechanical Engineer by profession, sews ribbons and hair trinkets to help his wife whenever there's a bulk of orders to be delivered to a mall client immediately. But it stops from there. He lets Louise do all the designing, conceptualization and other legwork. He just supervises her with the business' financial aspect. Their partnership as husband and wife continues to challenge them as parents. While Louise is a busy proprietor of Li'l Miss Belle, she still knows the difference between urgent and priority. As much as she wants to accept all the orders/inquiries that come her way, she refuses to entertain customers with rush orders. Because she is a mommy with no nanny. 

Mommy Louise is a hands-on mom to 2-year-old Eliana Faith. She wants to be by her side to see each of her milestone. Her active toddler seem to be in very corner of the house that she wants to keep with her the whole time. She also chose to focus on her child more now that Faith has become a picky-eater. 

I guess, what makes these mompreneurs, like Louise, successful is that they know how to find their balance. She spends most of her me-time by going to the salon to have her nails done. But what makes her renewed every week is by going to church every Sunday. Says Louise, "I spend quiet time with the Lord because it makes me feel closer to him and secured." Of course, she prays for her family's good health and her business' success. She has a lot of dreams for Li'l Miss Belle, but she believes that all of those would only come true in God's perfect time. Her words of wisdom for mommies who want to take the road she traveled on? This. ♥ 

Please watch out for a giveaway sponsored by Li'l Miss Belle. I'm sure your little misses will adore the beautifully-crafted pieces. 

Li'l Miss Belle Hair Accessories
Contact #: 09167741543

Note: If you're a mompreneur and would like to share your story in my blog, please email me at bebengisms@gmail.com

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