17 June 2013

Back-to-School: First Day and Free Time

I hope I won't sound like a witch mom pushing my daughter away but really, I'm relieved that today marks my daughter's 2nd year in school. Does that mean 3 hours of me-time? 3 hours of silence and peace? Yes, maybe. But no, I found myself cleaning and fixing the house; then eventually prepared for early dinner. Actually, as I type these words, I can hear the squeaky sound of my 4-year-old Ondoy-survivor washing machine. I have separated the clothes first, earlier before we left, from whites to pastels to coloreds to pinks (we have too much of it, it has its own group). The coloreds went first as it don't require much effort. I didn't want to tire myself yet as the thunder's teasing me --- always like that, raining when I wash. Pfft. Anywayyyy, so below's my little firework's first day of back-to-school outfit. Doesn't she look so timid, fragile and very lady-like? Hah! She was everywhere, sweating and even took off her dainty headband minutes we stepped the school premises. 

Cardies from The Little Bugger, Sandals from Elle Kids, Headband from Rain Bows,
She definitely missed her second home. When the bell rang and it was time for them to go inside the classroom, she automatically walked (in all fairness, like a sweet princess) near the door, took off her sandals and kissed me goodbye. I peeked to count the number of her classmates and was very glad to see they have 7 boys and 7 girls. LB saw me and waved and flew me a kiss. Sweetness overload. Perhaps that's her way of shooing me away? And then she went back to her blocks, with the boys.

I'm glad she's going to be really busy, not that she didn't do anything the past 2 months of summer. Oh, I enrolled her to school of life! Hehe.

She soaked and danced in the rain...

... with me, and taught her the parts of a flower using a Gumamela the soldiers planted.

She drove her pop's car inside the camp. #beststartswithdad

She ran and ran until her legs hurt.

She flew a kite but got tired after 10 minutes. What a princess. 

She swam in Hundred Islands Pangasinan.

And in Bagac, Bataan, too.

Swam again in Dasol, Pangasinan for her father's men's outing.

And sealed it in a pool in Candelaria, Zambales. A weekday swimming just because.

Oh, and she developed her love for fixing her own room! Okay, she just helped me. ;)

Oops, I should have posted this before picking her up but realized that 3 hours weren't enough for all the things I wanted to do without her. I picked her up and now we just finished an Arroz Caldo dinner for this rainy Monday evening. While I'm doing this, there's a basin of laundered clothes soaked in fabric conditioner waiting for me! Whew. SAHMs are heroes, really. 


  1. I love her tutu skirt! I really wanted for us(me,J and the kids) to dance and enjoy the rain but sadly the thunder is to terrible! It scaring me and my little boy. LB really enjoyed her summer!

  2. That cardigan should really come in my size too... sigh. I love the scallops around the neck so much! And all the little bows. :)

  3. Wow for dancing in the rain. Missed and love that..

  4. she look so pretty in her first day of school outfit.:)

  5. Ang ganda talaga ng mata ni LB. Very expressive. It's the first thing I notice pag tinitingnan ko mga photos niya.