19 June 2013

A Mom's Life: 21/48

During one of my many isms-making (aka muni-muni), I thought of a wild dream. What if I am working like my husband --- a soldier like him or say, a policewoman? Would we be talking about our jobs 24/7? Would we be competing who's the better officer? Would he be scared of me if I'm better with guns? (hihi) That leads me to our 21st AML mom! Yes my dear readers, we're almost half way the challenge. Woot!

Anyway, this mom got a Gold Medal for her Marksmanship Award when she took up Officers' Basic Course. And guess what? The husband who's also a Police Officer was ever supportive! It's not like they're Mr. and Mrs. Smith killing each other. So who is this sharp-shooter infanticipating mom? PSInsp Maricar Lagmay-Taqueban is a member of Philippine National Police Academy Class of 2008. 

NAME: Maricar Lagmay Taqueban

AGE: 28

CHILDREN, AGE: Gabriel Galahad Taqueban, turning 4 on aug 27

OCCUPATION: Police Officer


MUST-HAVE BEAUTY COSMETIC: Just Bitten Balmstain by Revlon

HOBBIES: Watching TV series and shopping

CURRENT READ/WATCH: Bones, season 7


GUILTY PLEASURE: Eating icecream and chocolates despite having swollen tonsils afterwards

PET PEEVE: Insensitivity

2013 GOAL: To safely deliver our 2nd baby (I'll be due on November) and pass all my law subjects this semester

Mommy Maricar's husband, PSInsp Galahad Taqueban, is a member of PNPA Class 2006
Queen B says: When my husband and I were still nagbobolahan via text, that when I started to care about our country, really. Because the man I care about (charot!) is one of those who serve and protect our beloved Philippines. So what if the two of you do that? I guess the care and concern for the country and each other are on a double dose. And how much more if you have a little tyke, who would make your life more worth living?

Queen B says: 3-year-old Gabe will soon be a kuya on November; giving the Taqueban family a happier home.

Queen B says: Hey infanticipating Mommy Maricar, thank you for your time despite being busy with Law School. I hope you reach all your goals and may you deliver your baby the safest way possible. God bless your family! :)

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