07 February 2020

Sammy's Jollibee Costume

It was mid-November last year when my husband told me about their office Christmas party theme for the kids. He specifically reminded me to prepare cartoon character costumes for our girls. In his cranky tone (via text, yes there is such a thing) because I was being difficult (his life would be so boring without me duh), he said he doesn't like it that we'd be the first ones to not follow orders. But because no one ain't the boss of me (not even his commanding officer hahaha, sorry sir), I decided on fast food theme costumes for us three. Passion on food and motherhood, yes?

Sammy wore it at Manila Ocean Park for her 2nd Birthday

Wait, before you label me as a subversive military wife, the truth was, I really can't think of cool cartoon characters that would separate us from the Elsa-Anna narrative. I initially wanted Phineas and Ferb for my girls and I can be Dr. Doofenshmirtz but the wigs would be a problem for sure. And most importantly, the people attending might not grasp the concept. You know what I mean? Like, sayang naman yung pagka-cool kung kami lang nakakaintindi sa amin. Nerd alert, right? Haha.

Then in the middle of my breastfeeding sesh one wee hour of the morning, I thought of Powerpuff Girls! Sophia will be Bubbles, Sammy of course will be Buttercup and I would be Blossom. When I told my husband about it, his text tone was unenthusiastic; he clearly was not impressed. I virtually rolled my eyes on him (like I always do). I couldn't give up just like that. Being extra is in my DNA so I squeezed whatever creative juice I have left in my brain.


There were a thousand and one possibilities according to Pinterest. I was losing hope and slightly getting annoyed. I mean, I also had to pack for three aside from these costumes. Worse, we needed to travel hours to be there! I was not being ungrateful but I just know how Christmas parties at my husband's office were like. I knew my efforts were not going to be worth it. And then I suddenly remembered, a Jollibee mascot would be there, that's what the hubs said. Sammy loves Jollibee with all her tiny life! At least one of us would be truly happy being there. Hmm... are you thinking what I'm thinking?

A showdown!

My brain cells were leaping for joy and throwing confetti. Finally, something to look forward to. Since I knew the mascot would be the same dirty mascot we met two Christmases earlier, a cuter and cleaner mini Jollibee would be a fresh welcome. And yes, I dressed the bigger girl as the spunky Ronald McDonald. She looked like she was made for cosplaying, noh? Hello Alodia Gosiengfiao, are you selling your outfits?

That's it. That's the end of this blog. Bye.

Jooooke. I know you want to know where I got the Jollibee costume since mine and Sophia's looked very much of a DIY. Well, as much as I'd like to tell you, I don't want to. Not because I'd like to keep the information to myself but because I had a bad experience with the maker. She took ages to reply and didn't answer my calls after settling the full payment. Her Instagram account has posts of previous customers but she was only tagged once. I posted a screenshot of her IG account on my Stories to get her attention since she was ignoring my messages and calls for a week already. I was furious when she finally answered my call. 'Cause although she profusely apologized, she didn't explain why she was incommunicado. 

You won't like us when we're sungit.

After a dozen more reminders via texts, DMs and calls, the item was delivered a day before we left home to go to my husband's workplace. My heart melted. It was beautifully made and smelled so nice. I felt the need to promote her. After all, she's a mom like me, too. I have high respect for moms who do their best to earn while caring for her family. But I thought, I care more about you guys. I don't want you to go through the stress of not being sure if your baby's costume worth 1,300 pesos would still arrive. 

I suggest you search "crocheted Jollibee costume" on Facebook and you'll see lots of crafty mommas making it. Then just buy red leggings to complete the look.

And since we want to maximize its cost and to make the stress it caused me worth it (hindi pa rin tapos momsh? haha), Sammy wore it on her second birthday at Manila Ocean Park. Yes, a baby happy bee with the fishies! Why not?


  1. Sooo cute!!! I thought you're not going to tell us where the costumes came from. Love all your outfits especially kay Ate Sophia ��

  2. Hi sis, is this for sale?pati po ung kay big sister nya :)