25 May 2020

10 Things Sophia Learned at Home During the ECQ

This is a *guest* post by my 6th-grade daughter Sophia. I asked her to write the things she learned so far while we were in Enhanced Community Quarantine. Number 5 sounded silly but looks like she grasped the necessary lessons she can live by to grow into a fun, responsible, and compassionate human being. −D

1) I learned that there are so many things you can do to keep yourself entertained. You can read books, browse your phone, watch movies, spend time with your family or just have a quiet time by yourself.  
2) I noticed a few things at home, too! Like I had so many “kalat” pala. I have books I haven’t read yet and that we have so many things.  
3) I learned that if you don’t put back the things you got the way they were before, that will start a mess in the house.  
4) A clean and neat house is really a relaxing and comfortable house.  
5) Sleep is like a short vacation! (Can someone explain this to me? LOL −D) 
6) Talking and eating with your family at the dining table can make you feel full. (Literally and figuratively, perhaps? −D)  
7) I am so blessed to have parents, a home, lots of food, water, electricity, and so much more that I should be grateful for. Other kids are hungry, thirsty, tired and sad right now. (Who’s chopping onions? −D)  
8) Nanay is so GREAT at cooking! (Hihi. No further pambobola ‘nak? −D)  
9) There are so many ants, cockroaches, rats and other critters in the Philippines!  
10) Even in ECQ, you should have good hygiene. Cleaning yourself, brushing your hair, and having clean and good-smelling clothes is a way of good hygiene. Nanay taught me that if you have dirty or smelly clothes, insects and bugs are attracted by the smell because they thought it was food. And maybe when you are sleeping, they will crawl on you! Eww! That’s why it’s important to clean clothes before sleeping. They are also refreshing! Even if you are sweaty by the heat, especially this summer. (We use Downy Anti Bac with our laundry since we believe in its power to kill 99.9% of odor-causing germs with the help of Safeguard’s maximum germ protection! −D) 

How about you, moms? Have you asked your children what they’ve learned while we’re on quarantine? 

Disclosure Policy: This post is sponsored by Downy AntiBac but all thoughts and opinions are our own.


  1. Very good naman si ate Sophia MOMSHIE.She already grown up na tlaga. Very responsible and loving daughter and ate. I'm sure your very proud of her. Just like she's very proud of you.😍😊 And super like ko Yun pang number 7 and 8 Nya. Super marunong mag appreciate ng mga bagay at Tao. She's very grateful and thankful. 😍😊

  2. Galing naman ni Ate Sophia momsh. Pinalaki nyo po sya responsible, mabait, loving and have a grateful heart.😊 She knows how to appreaciate things and people around here. Your so lucky having her as your daughter just like how proud she is having you as her mother as well.😍😘 Like ko Yun number 7 and 8 Nya mumshie. Good job ate Sophia and keep up the good attitude. 😊😘