05 April 2013

King Sue Ham Married Cheese

When I received a hefty package of ham products by King Sue (pronounced as King Sweh), I was giddy like a gradeschooler with new scented stationery (so 90s, sorry). The chef part of my brain started working. Hmm. I'm not really that creative though; but I'm more of making the practical and doable dishes. 

Everybody loves ham and cheese sandwich, right? So I thought of doing it without bread and have it paired with rice instead. LB loved it! She just went a little imaginative when she said "look at the cheese Nanay, it's like yellow lava". #crazykidsarebeautiful

Here are the 10 steps to ham and cheese bliss:
1. Slice the ham into half. It should look like a rectangle na (hello Geometry, charot).
2. Cut cheese like a stick, around 1 1/2 inches long (Math na naman!). 
3. Make them hug each other like newlyweds.  
4. Secure it with a toothpick. Newlyweds call it marriage contract. 
5. Dip it in scrambled egg. (optional) 
6. Deep-fry it. It cooks easily so make sure you have fast reflex.  
7. Drain it on a paper towel or strainer. 
8. Clean as you go. 
9. Pray. 
10. Eat it as it is or serve with rice.
For more of my recipes, click here. Happy cooking! 


  1. looks so yummy and easy to do ;) filing this for future reference :)

  2. I'll try this one! looks yummy..

  3. i will serve this for dinner tonight.:) yum!