24 April 2013

A Mom's Life: 13/48

I almost forgot I have this weekly feature. My thoughts and soul are still on vacay.

Well, we're back home and Rhambo's back in the camp, too. I am actually feeling a bit lethargic because of my husband's come and go status but I felt the need to just go on with my life as a mom and blogger. Sigh, it's not easy. We've been doing this long-distance hullabaloo since 2007, so I must not complain. But really, I still cry every time he leaves. I'm such a wimp. 

Anyway, enough about me and my drama. 

Today's A Mom's Life star is a fellow Army wife and Mandala (Philippine Military Academy Class 2006) lady. I met her through this blog. She was one of the few who messaged me about how she appreciates the articles I share in this shack of a site. It is just fitting to feature her here as she is also an inspiration to other military wives, regardless of religion, race and weight. Below are some quick facts about her.

NAME: Sharijane Cazandra B. Dinayugan

AGE: 26

CHILD, AGE: Hamzalahdin "Youme" B. Dinayugan, 7 months and 16 days

OCCUPATION: I'm a Registered Nurse. Pero dahil sa Army ang jowa ko eh 'di ko carry ung 10-hour shift so now I am a part-time Publishing Consultant (managing a small-time printshop as well). Most of the time, I'm a SAHM.

FAVORITE OUTFIT: Basic jeans and shirts and cardi's

MUST-HAVE BEAUTY COSMETIC: My most-loved Skin79 BB Cream and shimmery lipstick

HOBBIES: Telebabad with my poging asawa (that's how my day starts and ends) or read manga comics

CURRENT READ/WATCH: Read - Sun Tzu's Art of War / Watch - Rurouni Kenshin Oav

FAVORITE DOMESTIC DUTY: Preparing Youme's milk/meal and if hubby is around, unpacking his bagahe.

GUILTY PLEASURE: Load and load ng super creamy cheesy carbonara (making me fat though)

PET PEEVE: Social-climbers, hypocrites, uber-materialistic nilalang (you know who you are)

Bebeng says: Alright, she's making an announcement here. I hope this reaches the people concerned. Haha! Well, Cazandra, it's just fine you know. Your pet peeves are only a part of my long list. I'm such a hater of a lot of things. Hypocrites can really get into my nerves, too. Grrness to the highest power. High five!

2013 GOAL: Goodbye to post-pregnancy tummy and double chin, hello to mala-Cristine Reyes na kasexyhan (echus). {Bebeng says: You can do it, girl!}

Bebeng says: I admire mothers who can let their children enter a world they know would be filled with trials a regular person will find hard to surpass, because they know their children can do beyond that. Cazandra would like to be that kind of mother, if the Almighty One will grant her wish for her Youme to become a soldier. ♥ 

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