02 April 2013

The Peacock Project

As a SAHM, I am blessed with time. 

I can scrub the bathroom tiles at 2am and have lunch at 3pm. That's how blessed I am, yes? No, I am bounded with house chores all throughout the day, bombarded with demands and weird questions by the getting-taller-as-ever preschooler and hooked on my social media thingamajigs. But as an educated woman who knows better than enslaving herself with her own hook-ups, wearing unwashed hair and oily face, I still find time to relax. I do it by drinking coffee or tea, just lying down with Sophia when she's watching TV or I do crafts.

And because I'm blessed with time (a little skill, too) and I have not set aside a budget for things like these, I made a DIY PEACOCK COSTUME for Sophia that she used for her Moving-Up Day days earlier. I promised I will make a tutorial of sorts; but like recipe-writing, I think I'm not that good in finding words to make my readers understand how it should be done. Let's make the photos do more of the talking, shall we? 


I bought the feathers in Divisoria for Php75. Each pack has 5 pieces. The turquoise fabric is known as organza. I sew it using running stitch then glued it in a ribbon-lined alligator clip I got from Xai Ribbons and Craft Store. Gold sequins added a little oomph.


This is Php20 only. I know it's so fab! But hey, going to Tabora St. in Divisoria is not an easy feat. It'll cost you sweaty armpits and tired feet. Sometimes, a marriage. Make sure you brought along a lot of patience with you.


Originally, I wanted to get leotards for the costume but I haven't seen one in turquoise. Good thing there's a nearby tiangge in our neighborhood. Bought this for Php40. Glamorized it a bit with gold twine and sequins.


This is the highlight of the costume as this will seal its *peacock-ness*. I'm very lucky to have found Sophia's 2-year-old tutu skirt. I just glued some peacock feathers and gold sequins on it. For the tail, I intricately cut it to have that curb in its edge. I used peacock iron-on patch that I also bought in Divisoria. It's Php12 a piece. I didn't iron it afraid to break the fabric, so I glued it instead. I also sew black thin ribbons to the tail's edge to make it like a bracelet, that when she pulls it up, it'll show  the totality of the tail. Very pageantry-like, yes. Then, the magic of gold sequins!


Lucky day, indeed. Bought this for Php150! I'm not sure if Yvonne's has this color. Might be wondering why brown and not something aqua-ish? Go and Google a real peacock's image, tell me what the color of its legs are. 


Php50 in the wet market near us. I envisioned it with gold sequins but the glue stick didn't cooperate that night and I was tired already. So I let it like that. Besides, she can use it with whatever she's wearing.

There. It's really easy but will take a little of your time. It looks delicate but it's actually sturdy. You may want to see this video: Circle of Life Performance

This is a shameless promotion. If you have a future preschooler who will be needing a peacock costume, I can sell this to you at a very minimal price. Email me!

Update: I hope that the new owner loves it as much as Sophia did. ♥ 


  1. so lovely! I love the costume :) I have no creative skills so am glad I have a boy instead of girl as kiddo haha LB is so lucky to have you as mom :) good job on the costume :) tsaka cute ng mask hehe

  2. wow!amazing! how cheap prices turns to this glamorous one?ikaw na talaga!:) napaka-glamorosa ni LB!super bagay Mommy Denise!peg na kita pag' nag-peacock costume din ang bebe girl ko!hehe

  3. nakaka bilib , ang galing!

  4. Wow ang cute! I hope i have a girl! Anyways, want to share you our picture i just sew and made my little son Little Russell of UP.


    1. Cecille, I checked it. It's so cuuuute! :) I watched that movie. And my little lady likes it so much. She loves Kevin. Haha! :D

  5. Galing! I've been wanting to learn to sew. We were taught in high school, kaso hindi ko ma-recall ngayon. :|

    Kim @ Mom On Duty

    1. I used running stitch lang here. The most basic! :)

  6. Wow! I like how you made the costume super galing!!!

  7. Ganda ng costume! <3 Galing galing. :)

    I 'want' to be a crafty mom too, but I think the only craft tool I am friends with is the glue gun. Basta puede iglue gun, puede naman ako. Pero pag tatahiin at gugupitin na, naku...... Like my friends always say, they won't trust me with wrapping a book - so imagine me doing crafts. Hehehe. But I do try! I did it for my little girl's past birthday celebs, and though it took me weeks, medyo slightly ok naman yung results. :) Anything for our kids right? :)

    alam ko I can make one but DIVISORIA is so FAAAAAAAR from BUKIDNON, pero dahil isa ako sa masugid mong reader/viewer, baka mura mo lang o ibibigay mo nalang sa kin yan?:) teehee

    1. I will give it to you ng mura. Haha! ;)