10 April 2013

A Mom's Life: 11/48

One of my greatest achievements as a person is to have few true friends. 

It is obvious that blogging can mean more followers for me, but in real life, I prefer intimacy. I choose the best people in the world to be my friends. This week's featured mommy is one of my dearest, dearest friends in college. Okay, I'm sure she'll go senti once she gets to read this. Just like what she did when she kept the letter I gave her. But let's go senti all the way. 

I feel guilty for not having time to visit her when she gave birth 5 months ago. She was one of the 3 friends who visited me when I gave birth to LB. Whoa, I'm the one who's being senti now! :') But I know she understands. She's the one I feel who can always understand. She's funny but she's not sarcastic. I mean, I'm the kind who gives out Vice Ganda of comedy and she's like the Dolphy of punch lines; laugh trip but still in good faith. I think that's what Rhambo likes about her. You read it clear, my husband likes her. I mean, it's just so awesome when your husband likes your friends, right? So I'm just super glad that she got Rhambo as Ninong to her daughter, who will be dedicated to God on Sunday.

So who is she?

NAME: Myla Lopez-Serrano

AGE: 28

CHILD, AGE: Jayla Moelle Serrano, 5 months

OCCUPATION: Assistant Manager - Operations, WNS Global Services

FAVORITE OUTFIT: Shorts and T-Shirt for life!

MUST-HAVE BEAUTY COSMETIC: Lipstick and loose powder are the only cosmetics that I'm familiar with, hehe! I'm not a make-up person to be honest.

HOBBIES: Reading, watching, and food trippin'!

CURRENT READ/WATCH: I'm on a quest of finishing all the ebooks of John Grisham this 2013. A Time to Kill is what I'm reading currently. I dunno but I'm really into TV Series. I'm trying to finish all the seasons of The Amazing Race. Currently in Season 3.

FAVORITE DOMESTIC DUTY: Love washing the dishes! {Bebeng says: Seriously?! Now, that could end our friendship! Haha!}

GUILTY PLEASURE: Chocolates and Frozen thing-ies Sweets make me happy!

PET PEEVE: Sneezing and coughing without covering his/her mouth and 'yung mga taong wagas kung makapag-mayabang habang nagkkwentuhan and then waiting for your reaction. Deadma! {Bebeng says: Uh-oh, Is this me? Lol}

2013 GOAL: My goal for this year is for me and my husband to lose weight and have a healthy lifestyle. We have to do it for Moe. {Bebeng says: You guys can do it. I just know. And I hope Rhambo will follow suit.}

There you go folks. A little something about her and her beautiful family. See you on Sunday, Serranos! ♥ 


  1. Wow Bebeng super flattered naman ako! Thanks for featuring me on the best blog in the planet, naks! Crylaloo naman ang lola mo dito. :') You're right I do understand why you weren't able to visit. I mean, you went through a lot back then (sad). But honestly, during those times, I wasn't really ready for visitors kc super ngarag talaga magka-newborn right? Hehe! About me and Rham naman, alam mo naman lasing kami nun. Char! Haha! Miss ko na kayo, sobra! See you guys Sunday oki?!

    You're not the one I was referring to on my pet peeve. I know you too much. :)

    Much love! Kisses and hugs to Pia <3

    1. Haha! Lasing ka ba nun?! Sober daw si Rhambo! :p
      Lol on the best blog. #friendngakita