19 April 2013

Rayala Dialogues Special: My husband can sometimes be a jerk but he's a great father!

Well, we're still here at the camp and so far, nothing so spectacular happened yet; just a few extraordinary moments. The officer's been talking to his men like they're honeymooners. Well, he's doing his job. I love that he's so into it. Guess I'm lucky to have him, right? At least he's not a bum or something like that. Anywayyyy, he has already planned about our Hundred Islands trip. One of the staff has his family here, too, so we might invite them to come along with us. LB and the 6-year-old boy have begun to be playmates; this can be a great chance for the two to play more. I just hope that my girl's cough will soon be gone. I gave her her well-deserved massage while she was watching Little Pony vids on my phone before bedtime, plus some Vitamin C tomorrow; that might do it.

Speaking of my girl, she just gave me a dilem-mom I will never forget.

THE RUNAWAY PRINCESS. We bought her a swimming vest then I looked for my swimsuit. While I was scouring the skimpy bikinis and mustering enough courage to buy one, LB ran away and Rhambo couldn't find her. I threw the black maillot swimsuit I was eyeing and helped him look for our runaway princess. It was the most terrifying 5 minutes of my life (next is a flying cockroach). I was panicking, my heart was beating so fast and I feel cold. Most of what I thought of were bad things I've seen in news. Media, you are killing me. Thank Jesus my husband saw her at the counter! She was paying for the big shovel and rake she picked for her sand castle session she's planning to do at the beach --- only she got no money. Hahaha! It was the cutest sight ever but I was in no cooing state. I immediately carried her and gave her a hug. I wept. I almost died but the girl was not worried at all. The thoughts of going to the beach was all over her, her door was closed for any negativity. The innocence of a child is breath-taking but nerve-wracking. Btw, I didn't buy myself a swimsuit. The husband said something like "pambata ba yan?" I was totally discouraged. And to be honest, my body was not beach-ready so forget about it. Sigh. He's really, really something else of a lover, noh? But you know what? He's a great dad.

FATHERHOOD BECOMES HIM. We were on our way back to the camp when LB asked where we're headed. So when I told her "camp, baby", she gave us an unforgiving crazy wail, nonstop. Rhambo, who was suffering from a real bad toothache, turned to be the most handsome father ever. He asked her princess if she wanted to drive with him. Of course, my adventurous tyke didn't say a word. She just sat on her pop's lap and held the steering wheel like a pro. I'm sure she will never forget that, too, like I can never forget the moment I lost her for 5 hell minutes. Rhambo may not bathe or feed LB now like he used to, but he's doing special things our daughter will surely remember. I'm loving him more because of that. But what can you say about the next paragraph? ;)

MY INNER (AND OUTER) BEAUTY. I was watching Dove's experimental video last Tuesday when I thought of what Martine of Dainty Mom has posted months ago, something like "dressing up for your husband". It said something like showcasing the body parts that your husband likes most; that left us with this conversation:
Bebeng: Beb, anong favorite part mo sa body ko? (while flirting with him)
Rhambo: Eto.. (sabay hawak)
B: Bilbil?
R: Hindi, eto. (tinaas ng konti)
B: Ano ka, masahista?
R: Ano ba, katawan ba?
B: Ay ganun, inner beauty lang ba meron ako?!
We were on laugh trip for the next 10 minutes of our bickering/cajoling then he said "hindi ko nga gusto inner mo eh". I was super shocked. He said he was just trying to see what my reaction would be. Well, I was saying the whole time "a-hole ka talaga". And we just laughed again and again. Natural high, it is! 6 years of togetherness made me realize he likes my curves and behind. It's not as wholesome as eyes or shoulders, but at least there's something in my body that he likes. It's not just an inner beauty. Oh, I don't think I have that anyway, haha!


  1. Hala! Natakot naman ako dun! Mabuti nahanap agad. Kahit ako tarantabels ako mawala sa paningin ko anak ko. Enjoy your Hundred Islands adevnture. Sana di matakot c LB sa isang island na puro bats. :)

  2. Scary ang 5-minute na pagkawala sa radar ng prinsesa. Buti na lang within the perimeter lang siya. What you said about husbands being jerks and a-holes could be prevalent among "unico hijos" which grew up getting that certain attention being the only male specie among siblings (based on experience).hehe.But I also agree that they never fail to make us fall in love with them all over again when they stand as loving fathers and husbands na din. You are both a blessing to each other Bebeng and Rhambo. Pia is blessed to have you both as her Nanay and Tatay.

  3. Scary! I was actually holding my breath when I read the LB got lost for a while - yes, the media can do crazy things to our minds pero crazy things do happen :/ glad she's just at the counter...parang first shot at independence no? pero medyo naging negative and scary experience :(

    The rest of the posts are fun to read :P