05 April 2013

Rayala Dialogues: Busted!

I don't know, for some unknown reason, LB asked me what my job is. So I answered her in a form of a question, too. This was how our conversation went:
B: Oh, what do I do ba everyday?
LB: Mmm... Cook.
B: What else?
LB: You bat-bat me. (bat-bat: our term for bathing)
B: That's it? That's what I do lang everyday?
LB: You watch Ina, Patid, Anak. (it's not a typo error, she pronounced it that way)
B: Haha! Eeeh, night pa yun eh. How about in the afternoon?
LB: Ooh! (got excited) You wash clothes, Nanay!
B: Right ---
LB: (butts in) And clean room and toys and stairs.
B: So that's what a mommy does everyday. And that's my job, I'm a mommy.
LB: Mmmkaaay. And you play candies in the laptop? 
Uh-oh. Time to hide your affairs with Candy Crush Saga from the kids, alright? ;)


  1. This made me smile ;) I hope someday she will know your a good blogger. ;)

  2. haha... parang un anak ko lng na lalaki, lagi ako kinukulit maglaro ng candy crush. dati ndi nya alam un name ng laro e nagulat nlng ako at alam na nya ang tawag.