17 April 2013

A Mom's Life: 12/48

This week's feature has so many things in common with yours truly. We're both SAHMs, we graduated from the same high school and we were both crushes of the husband of this blogger. Yes, Mommy #12 is Rhambo's ultimate puppy love. Hahaha! Even before his one and only ex-girlfriend, he had laid his eyes on her already. This is one big secret that I'm sure most of his closest highschool buddies did not even know, until now. So, don't squeal ha? Hehe. 

Who won't, anyway? Christine is tall, pretty, nice and girlfriend-material. Unfortunately (and fortunately!), she never noticed him. Because she was meant for another guy, the guy she was with for more than 10 years, the only guy she loved and married eventually. Lucky man, indeed! (and I hope Rhambo feels lucky with me, too. Lol) 

Get to know her more as she gave us some quick and fun facts about her.

NAME: Christine Rivera-Guerrero

AGE: 29

CHILD, AGE: Una Aura Czechri Guerrero, 3 months


FAVORITE OUTFIT: leggings + large t-shirts/ blouses that will hide my baby fats.. (haha..baby fats daw talaga oh!!)

MUST-HAVE BEAUTY COSMETIC: foundation/ powder, blush on + pink or red lipstick

HOBBIES: DIY (Home Decorating), sewing, cooking, baking.

CURRENT READ/WATCH: Read- What to Expect When you're Expecting. WATCH- Mama

FAVORITE DOMESTIC DUTY: Cleaning our room.

GUILTY PLEASURE: Shopping antique items; CHOCOLATES!

PET PEEVE: Men who pee on and around the toilet seat!

2013 GOAL: Generally enjoy life more,get rid/ limit the negativity in my life. Get more organized, stick to the budget and save a lot more for the future of Una.

Bebeng says: I never thought this young lady could be this matured and goal-oriented. Christine, or Ning-Ning as she is fondly called by family and close friends, was my seatmate in 1st year HS. We were really great friends. We giggled at pretty simple things and shared little secrets, until my 13-year-old self broke her trust. Boo. But, all are just a part of our past and we're now both living the life we ever wanted --- blissfully married and mothers to little princesses.

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  1. Thank you Denise for the feature! I'm super duper FLATTERED and HONORED with your compliments.You don't have any idea how those words mean to me. Grabe!! Nakakatuwa naman!!Pati si Czerki natutuwa din kc na extra sya.. hahaha (na miss ko tuloy bigla highschool days natin..yung mga letters mo nasa akin pa..itinago ko tlga lhat un..o dba ang sweet!:)Nways, I really enjoy ur blog!! More Power and Godbless to you and ur family.. For sure very lucky and very proud din sila sayo..IKAW pa!! Thank's again! mmmwahh!!!