30 April 2013

Rayala Dialogues: Little Bebengisms

I have collected some of my darling amiga's antics that she said the whole month of April. Some were funny, some were just plain aww-worthy. Enjoy!

~ ♔ ~ 


My husband Rhambo and I are exuberant conversationalists. So whenever there's something that really interests us, we tend to raise our voice a bit. Our unica hija, being not used to seeing her folks talk [personally], is always shocked when it happens. One day, we were making chismis. I totally forgot who or what the topic was, when ----
LB: Guys, stop. Stop fighting. You should be NICING.
Ah. Present tense po ng nice. 


We were at Rhambo's post. We were a picture of a happy military family. Not until my baby boy who neglected his teeth during his younger years, had a terrible toothache. He was super annoyed at himself, his tooth and to everything that caused the situation. He was trying to be cool, but it's obvious that he was not happy. And so LB and I weren't happy, too. We were about to sleep when our innocent little angel looked for her Tatay.
B: He's outside po eh. Sakit tooth ni Tatay.
LB: But why?
B: He eats candies a lot when he was a kid and he doesn't brush teeth all the time.
LB: Oh.
B: Kaya ikaw, not too much candies and always brush your teeth ha.
LB: You pray to Jesus hindi na sakit teeth ni Tatay.
Inutusan talaga 'ko?!


It was our first day in the camp, I was busily unpacking things and preparing my senyorita's sleepwear when she said she's going to pee. She went inside her pop's personal CR (it's inside his room and he makes sure it's always clean), when ---
LB: Baho ng camp ni Tatay. Yuck!
Hahahaha! Super arte lang. Duchess of Cambridge ang Nanay mo teh?!


Our last vacay at the camp was our fourth and I've learned a lot packing-wise. So I really made sure that what I brought were just enough. After all, I can wash the used clothes. The soldier got a better washing machine than the laundry goddess, you know. I remember telling LB to bring the toys she likes to have. But unfortunately, she only brought the big-headed doll, Honey and her new Hello Kitty toy from Ninang S. One day ---
LB: Nanay, I'm bored.
B: Really? You just finished playing outside ah. You wanna watch in my laptop?
LB: My little ponies?
B: No. Just the movies in your folder.
LB: Eeeeh, I'm bored Nanay.
B: Kaya nga I told you to bring your toys eh, so you have something to do.
LB: I don't want to bring toys. I wanna go home.
Ayun, Tatay R organized our Hundred Islands trip. Ano, bored ka pa 'day?


I know that LB was just being her most honest self. And most of the time, she just wants to let us know what she really feels in a certain situation. On the toothache scenario, she asked told me to pray for Tatay's toothache. I assumed she just wanted her father to feel well so everybody will be happy. She just said it in such a bossy way! But yeah, I prayed. Rhambo was at the mess hall, smoking. It was a rainy evening, the loud drops of rain in the roof was making the night more annoying for all of us. But no one was making it obvious that that night was ruined. So my baby girl was feeling a bit emotional and had reflected on something and said ---
LB: Nanay, why are always two of us in the house?
:'( Forgive my 4-year old's grammar, but that one-liner stabbed my heart like a dagger.


  1. Got my extra dose of positive vibes from your post sis. :) Having a really bad start of the day kaya naghuhunt ako ng kaligayahan. :D Aliw yung mega present tense using ing on everything. Ganyan din daughter ko - kuruting (rootword: kurot), ubusing (rootword: ubos), nakakaloka. :)

    And kids... really do say things that make your world stop, and you start to reflect on things. Little angels talaga. :)

    1. Hahaha! Natawa ko sa ubusing. Parang I heard LB na din said something like that. Crazy children are beautiful. Sana nga mag-stop muna sa ganitong stage eh. Cuteness. Hehe. :)

  2. Super cute naman ni LB pero medyo painful and senti nga lang yung last line no? :/ God bless. I pray for strength and lots of love for your family :)