04 April 2013

She's Complex But Very Creative

I'm always honest about how LB could be such a handful. That's why I'm one proud momma when she bagged the Most Improved Award {Behavioral} during her school's Moving-Up Day. But no matter how complex a child can be, there's always something good about it --- my daughter's good in sketching. Yup, that is according to how I see it; according to a non-artist human being who grew up with artist relatives. All of them are from my father's family. Oscar Redrico, Elmo Redrico, Red Redrico of Creative Manila, Valerie Redrico, Bryan Redrico and Manuel Redrico III of Traces of War (my not-so baby brother). I don't want to sound like bragging so I'll just let you read what you can find in Google. 

We're very fortunate to have a daughter with artist genes.

Below are some of her daily doodles.

LB says: That's me with my new bow you make, Nanay! (awww)
We were watching in Disney Junior when the monthly birthday greetings popped out in the boobtube. She automatically grabbed my pink pen (with black ink!) and doodled this.

LB says: It's a cake, with lots and lots of icing. I smashed it. (I suppose!)
I was cooking Chicken Afritada a few days back when she saw me chopping carrots. She put it on paper.

LB says: It's my feyv-reet, Nanay! I'm a bunny! (and there she went hopping)
I wanted to enroll her again for ballet lessons in PSS or swimming classes near the 'hood but it looks like she needs to use her hands more to do something creative. Swimming can wait, that can be learned. She's a water baby, anyway. But her skillful hands need to be honed soon or she might lose it. I'll buy her lots of papers tomorrow. 

Or if you have "scratch" papers at home, can you ship it here? ;)


  1. Kelly loves drawing too. Siguro nga talaga magkaugali sila ni LB. Doodling ang nagpapa-behave sa kanya (kaya ok siya dalin sa Burgoo dahil meron silang paper and crayons for kids haha).

    1. Sa Pizza Hut Bistro din in SM Marikina. Lagi kong kinukulit mga waitresses dun if they have crayon and paper. Meron lagi. :)

  2. Hi there! Im the newest follower of your lovely blog! I look forward to reading more of your posts! Hope you can visit my blog too and follow back! Thanks!


  3. I like her pic#1, its a little girl in a pink dress with a ribbon and wearing a smile. I hope you can keep track of LB's doodle. From this cute doodling up to a perfect masterpiece. Then, post it here! :) High five, LB!

  4. Wish I read this sooner! Every summer at PSS during cleanup season, we gather mountainous heaps of scratch paper that we have no clue what to do with :))