14 May 2014

I ❤ Being a Mom Project at Nazareth Home

When Jen Gana of Wooden Kidikrafts and Jlofied.com told me that she's getting me as one of the mom ambassadors of her project with a women shelter in Quezon City, I didn't think twice about it. In the middle of product reviews, brand events, mom blogging communities and royal stories, I'd like my blog to be an instrument to greater goodness. I actually prayed for it on my birthday video message last year! Remember? So one day, despite my mind too preoccupied with our moving in to a new kingdom, my little girl and I went to Nazareth Home.
Nazareth Home is a service by Kaisahang Buhay Foundation for single and expectant mothers. They provide holistic and rehabilitative service which includes food, shelter, medical care (pre-natal, childbirth, post-natal through the hospital), casework & counseling, value formation and spiritual growth, skills training & personality development and family therapy. The counseling is focused on family preservation and permanency planning for the child. The service operates a home for single mothers called Nazareth Home that can accommodate twenty (20) single mothers at any given time.

We met the ladies, age ranging from 15 to 45, some pregnant, others have already given birth. Six babies were sharing in two mesh cribs which are located upon entrance. I was really happy to see the babies! I'm not trying to sound holy or something, but I do love babies! Well, being a mum to a preschool diva is a different story though. Haha! Kidding aside, I'm also glad that my daughter loves babies, too. I suppose it has something to do with her unending desire to have a  sibling. In God's time, we will give her one.

The program went on smoothly and I can see that the girls of Nazareth Home was happy to see us. They shared their stories with us, ate with us and even rendered a song for us. I was teary-eyed when they did it! They didn't do it dramatically, no. It's just that when I look in their eyes, you can see what they actually feel through it. I can feel that they're just trying to get by because of the baby. I can feel that if they will be given a chance, they want a complete family, of course. I felt the lump in my throat when I remembered how I started that way, too. I was a single, jobless pregnant woman in her early 20s. What differed me from them was I that have my family and friends to support me. That's why Nazareth Home is such a blessing for these girls. I hope Kaisahang Buhay Foundation will continue to make pregnant women believe that their babies are enough for them to stay happy. And yes, for them to say: "I ❤ Being a Mom!"

This project will not be possible without the support and sponsorship of the following:
Nazareth Home is located at: 126 J.P. Rizal St. Project 4, Quezon City. Should you want to donate or visit the girls and the babies, kindly contact Nazareth Home through Kaisahang Buhay Foundation at: 56 10th Avenue, Cubao, Quezon City 1109 PHILIPPINES, Tel. Nos. 911-4180, 912-1159, 913-1469, 421-4075, TeleFax (632) 912-1160, E-mail: kbf@kbf.ph


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    1. On a different note, sana nga mas kumonti pa ang girls na pumunta sa Nazareth Home. Meaning, girls have partners who would support them in their pregnancy and rearing up their babies. But yes, I'm glad that there are shelters such as NH.

  2. aw. i missed this event. sayang talaga. glad to know you have a heartwarming event with the mommies there.

  3. What a wonderful project since there are so many single moms who otherwise would not be able to afford to seek care.

  4. Thanks for spreading the word about this, Denise. Now I know where to give some of my kid's outgrown baby stuff