12 May 2014

Nido Fortified's Mother's Day Surprise for the #1Moms

Yesterday was Mother's Day but unlike most moms in my cyberworld, I was not with my family dining out in some fancy schmancy restaurant or I didn't get an extravagantly-styled bouquet of flowers from my husband. I paid the bills, ate street food, packed endlessly, cleaned endlessly and was a forever parent. It's tiring and not as beautiful as others described it, scaring away my single friends to dive into what seemed to be a filthy, murky mud puddle that is motherhood. But hey, it has its rewards! They say it comes with unlimited subscription to baby bear hugs and sloppy kisses, others attest to how they felt more meaning in their lives when they gave birth, breastfed and used cloth diapers, and some are thankful enough to hear "thank you". As for me, I'm cool with everything. I don't demand gifts anymore, I demand time! Time for myself, 100% quality time with my husband and fun (yes it has to be) time with my kid.

I am one lucky momma to have been given the chance to have time for myself, with my husband and my kid all in one afternoon. 

I received an invite, in paper and email, to Nido Fortified' Mother's Day celebration on May 3rd. It was a pampering day at Blue Water Day Spa in Greenhills so I said yes. I don't say no to invites that have these words: Spa, pampering and relax. Teehee. My plan was I'd leave Sophia to my MIL 'cause I don't want to bring her, I wanted to really have a relaxing time! Then one night, my husband, ever kaloka, sent me a text asking me who Hannah was. I smiled and instantly thought of the event.

Here's how our conversation went ―

Can you imagine?! Bwahahahaha! So for me, it wasn't a real surprise anymore. But what I didn't know was it was gonna be bigger than I assumed it to be. My husband drove me to Greenhills and told me he'll just go to Fort Bonifacio for some errands. Of course, I enjoyed my me-time and didn't think of anything but to relax. After watching Friends with Kids at the movie theater slash foot reflexology room with super comfy seats in Blue Water Day Spa and an (excuse me for the word) orgasmic foot massage (mine done by Anna), the organizers told us to line outside and ride a van. We were momnapped! We were even asked to wear yellow blindfolds. I was giggling all through out the process. Haha! I hate unplanned events but love surprises at the same time. 

When we arrived at the "surprise area" , I heard my daughter giggled (she got that from me, I suppose)! I wondered why she was there. And then the bonggang moment was unveiled. In a count of three, we took off our blindfolds and saw our kids in front us handing us yellow long roses! I felt sooooo happy, took Sophia in my arms and hugged and kissed her. I looked for my husband who was up on the 2nd floor, throwing us confetti along with other dads. I sweetly smiled at him, thanking him for that day. But then my overstimulated Energizer bunny was starting to explore the place so BAM, in an instant, I mothered again.

I feel blessed that my husband came home for me despite the impossibilities. He told me he'd come home no matter what because he didn't want me to be kawawa since I said that I'd go. Awww. Thank you so much my dear R! And thank you, Ogilvy and Nido Fortified for orchestrating this momentous event of honouring us, the world's #1MOMS.

Watch this video, royalties. Pia and I are here! Excuse my kaartehan and big fez (with so many adult acne ugh). Haha! :D

I forgot to wear my #1Moms shirt yesterday 'cause it's way too hot for a 3/4-sleeved top. So I'm reserving it for the rainy cold nights which will surely come anyway. The shirts are produced by Bench so you can expect a nice quality. You can really wear it! It's not like those cheap brand shirts that make you smell you have anghit after 10 minutes of wearing it. LOL. Hello, Barbie Almalbis wears hers in style! So if you want yours, for you or your mom, you can go to www.nido-fortified.ph and answer this question: “What makes your mom #1?”

I think they have already reached the maximum number of entries according to what I've read in their Facebook page. But you can still avail your free Wear Your Love shirts by purchasing specially marked packs of NIDO FORTIFIED or NIDO 3+ and can be redeemed at select Bench branches in Metro Manila. For more details visit www.facebook.com/nidofortified.ph.


  1. super saya hehe...cute ni sophie "Best nanay ever"...

  2. Aww!!! I love it, muther!!! So touching the video!!! 😊

  3. Sobrang tearjerker naman nito at sobrang panira si Tatay Rham. Pero I appreciate him telling you that someone sent him a message. hehe! :) Soooobrang cute ng Mother's Day surprise ng Nido! *clapclap*