27 September 2017

Currently | 04

Whew! Finally got to find time to update this loving blog. It's not that I'm too busy or that I'm taking this space for granted but sometimes, having a smartphone can kill a blogger's blogging mojo. Just like most social media enthusiasts, I'm into sharing snippets of my day on Instagram Stories and I interact more on my Facebook. I like that I can see the faces behind the comments on my posts. With here kasi, there's the anonymous option. Minsan kahit gusto mong chumika, nakakawalang gana if they don't want their identity to be known. Malay ko ba kung bad person na yung ka-chikahan ko 'di ba? On my Facebook that now has 57,000 plus followers, when there's a comment that won't do good for the community, I delete it. Mga nagmumura, mga halatang naghahanap ng away or yung spammer (haha). I have banned several people na rin because of going beyond what is proper. That's what social media management should be naman, right? As a blogger, it's my responsibility to share and make sure that we use these platforms responsibly. 

Anyway, speaking of blogging, I am sincerely hoping that the old school days of blogging will be back. Yung tipong bloggers just blog to bleed thoughts; to reach and inspire people. Nakaka-sad kasi to read blogs that are purely commercial na. Nakakatamad na tuloy magbasa. there's nothing wrong with monetizing blogs naman because I certainly do that, too but most blogs these days kasi (especially yung mga bago) write the same things na. So for my blog, as a promise to you and myself na rin, I won't change into that kind. After all, I have gone through a lot of rebranding already, haha! 

So to bring that old school blogging vibes back, here's my 4th installment of CURRENTLY.


THINKING. Of how I can earn extra this coming Christmas. For the past two years, our holidays were merrier and brighter because of Bebeng's Kitchen, my online food shop. The profits that I earn from selling my homemade goods gave us a bountiful feast and more than enough budget to buy presents for almost everybody in the family. Now, it's a whole lot different since I'm now unemployed and will be expecting a baby that same month!  
SEEING. My girl's Yumbox containers in front of me, laid out on the table to dry. On my left are empty water dispensers that my husband forgot to replenish.  
WATCHING. La Luna Sangre! Love that Angel Locsin is back. And I'm so kilig whenever she and Richard Gutierrez have a scene. Iba talaga silang dalawa. The younger ones, Kathryn and Daniel, are better here compared when they were doing their previous cringe-worthy series. I can't wait for more revelations! I was pregnant with Sophia when Lobo was shown and pregnant again with LLS so this is kind of a big deal to me, lol. 
LISTENING. To Ed Sheeran's Perfect! I'm not sure if it was just pregnancy hormones but naiyak talaga ako sa song. I even messaged R about it in the middle of the night when I first heard it. Ganun ka-intense. Hay, nami-miss ko tuloy sapakin yung mukha ng asawa ko. So ano pa nga ba, kamukha na naman niya si baby no. 2. 
BUSY WITH. Being a hands-on mom to my gradeschooler and soon-to-be big sister Sophia. I started well with my #baonserye on Monday, hoping to keep at it until the week ends. Check it out if you haven't! Here are the linkies: #BaonSerye Volume 1 and #BaonSerye Volume 2. Food and motherhood make me happy. I'm glad my low maintenance husband isn't complaining yet. Naaambunan rin naman siya ng love ko for food eh. In fact, napagalitan ko siya kanina for his sugar intake kasi siya lang kumain ng cake na dala niya - I thought he'll share it with his friends sa camp! Buti na lang kahit paano nakakapag-jogging pa siya para hindi naman OA sa pagka-botchog, haha.  
WANTING. To have at least a few pieces of decent maternity outfits that can last until I give birth.  
HOPING FOR. The recovery of the photos from my old phone. It loudly fell flat back when we were out for Sophia's birthday lunch. It slipped from my hand when the birthday girl was making her usual kakulitan. It still turns on but screen's not working anymore. It's with my husband now. They are doing some magic there before I consult with technicians, who might charge me too high for it. Oh well. Memories are more important to me so I might just pay if our last resort won't work. But I'm...
FEELING. Grateful, excited and nervous as my tummy gets bigger as days go by. I kept on telling R that I didn't gain weight, just my tummy. But when I saw the photos taken from Sophia's birthday lunch, I saw a very preggy me. Big arms and thighs and all that. Gandang-ganda pa naman ako sa sarili ko lately, hindi naman pala totoo. LOL.
CRAVING. For ice cream. I wish I can drive my mother-in-law's car to the nearest 7-11 to buy me a pint of pistachio ice cream. Or better yet, I wish my husband is home so I can wake him up and let him know about this. Not guaranteed he will buy, though, hihi.  

There you go, just some mid-week update about me. Well, this blog is basically about me as a woman, wife and mom. I hope you won't be umay naman! I'll do my best to share more informative stuff in the coming days. Ttyl. ♥ 

*Photo from Pexels


  1. Hi :-)I love your blog. I agree with you na sana old school blogging will be back. I also have a blog and started blogging kasi na-iinspire at naeenganyo ako sa iba.g nagbblogging.. but as you said, these days minsan puro ads nalang ang nababasa ko :-( Anyway, I'm your fan.. kaya magaantay aq ng mga updates mo :-D

    All the best for you, Mommy D :-)

  2. I nust admit it's true. I blog too but it's all about my foodventures or a certain review. I want to add up some parenting entries and relationships but I also balance on how much I can share my world. I used to just write personal notes but ended up opening myself for more which is hindi dapat. Also, yung pagkakilala nila sa blogs ngaun e sponsored. Sad. Pati sa fb feeling nila kapag may post sila at nagviral eh blog na.