25 October 2017

How We Finally Got Pregnant After 9 Years

That's a tough title to prove, I know. Also, I can just give a one-liner boompakganern to support it but I'm feeling a little chatty today (uhm, like I always do, by the way) soooo here it goes...

A revelation that some of you might not know yet - Sophia is a love child. I mean, every child must be made out of love but you call those that way when you got them out of wedlock. It was the holidays in 2007 when my ex-boyfriend (now the husband) R and I were left in their house. We were young, wild and free. Haha. OK, to stick to this blog's wholesome, God-centered, and family-oriented image, we were so in-love... that the minute I laid my eyes on him that one cold holiday evening with just the two of us, I saw him as the corny dad joker of my children. And the rest, as they say, was history.

Fast forward to 2012, my daughter Sophia was about to turn 4 when I felt an excruciating pain in my lower right abdomen. I'll save all the space here for happy thoughts so kindly click this link to know what happened - I got an ectopic pregnancy. We may be already married that time but that unborn baby could have been another love child. We didn't plan for that 6-week baby blood; we were fine with having one kid. After all, we knew our finances aren't fit for more. And that an active preschooler has made me not to wish for another of her kind, hahaha!

But as how God knows me well (a hard-headed child of His who loves surprises), He gave me this rainbow baby - the gift to welcome the new season of our lives. Up to this very day (I'm approaching my 31st week as of this post), I am still in awe. After 9 long years, I am now carrying a tiny human being, who's been a blessing to us ever since we knew about her. I may have quit my job for her but we still carry on as God promised us that He will never leave us, nor forsake us. My marriage with R is so much better, too; it's even at its best. Most of all, my dear darling Sophia will never be alone anymore. 

Okay, these cozy words are not what you came here for; I can sense your impatience. You want to know how we got pregnant, right? By the way, before I start, do know that these aren't legit ways to get pregnant. I am not in the medical field to school you on how the reproductive system works. These are just basically the practical things that my husband and I did prior to getting pregnant.

HE QUIT SMOKING. It was Sophia's 8th birthday when R handed her a greeting card. It said his promise that he did what his little princess has been wishing for - she no longer has a smoking father. My girl and I were in tears when we read it. My husband didn't want to make it a big deal, though. I think his love for his family is so much bigger than any of the vices that this world can ever invent.  
I STARTED 2017 WITH REGULAR EXERCISE. My husband and I occasionally run when he's home. But this time, I personally managed my health by doing morning jogs once Sophia left for school. I also introduced R to doing the 18-minute HIIT workout that eventually killed our bodies, haha. That HIIT thingy was so painful it felt so good, I tell ya!  
I TOOK IBERET WITH FOLIC ACID. I didn't exactly know what pushed me to taking it since I was  already taking a different brand. I just felt like trying it - for approximately two weeks.  I then went back to taking Sangobion and Poten-Cee. 
I GOT A JOB. This is real crazy, right? How does work can one get pregnant? Well, the routine of waking up in a fixed time and walking a total of 3 kms every day must be it. Also, for me, it's still a lot easier than house chores that never end. 
WE MADE LOVE as real as it gets (and not because we want to get pregnant). This is a no-brainer, you guys. When people ask how we did it, I always say that we did it out of lust and nothing else, haha. When you are stressed and always thinking of getting pregnant, the more that your body will refuse to.  
SOPHIA WAS AWAY FOR FIVE DAYS. God knows how much I love my girl. She's a big part of who I am today but her vacation at the camp with her father helped me relax as the sperm and egg met. I missed her every day on those five days but having the quiet house to myself after a tiring day of talking to toxic bosses was such a blessing. 
These are doable, it's plainly having a healthy and stress-free lifestyle. But like what I told one of my friends who lost her baby this year, God's plans are always better than ours. Whatever way you do to get what you want when He thinks it's not yet time to be yours, you won't get it. He knows when to give you the blessing that you can have control of. If you are really trying to have a baby soon, I strongly suggest that you and your husband make your spiritual health a priority first. 

* Photo from Pexels


  1. Same here Ms. D. We did some of those too. First is I quit smoking. Di pa kaya ng partner ko so nag bawas lang siya. Hehe. We also exercised. I went to the gym, biked and played tennis. Actually di ko alam preggy na pala ako ng ilang weeks pero nag te-tennis pa ako. Hehe. And yes we made love. Mas ma i-stress ka lang pag iniisip mo na you have to get pregnant eh. Kaya go with the flow lang. hehe

  2. Oh how timely! I am thinking of having another baby sometime next year after 3 years so these tips are really helpful. I just weaned my firstborn from breastfeeding so me time then maybe.. baby making time. Was it hard to adjust to your pregnancy and giving birth since it's been such a long time? Btw, I saw Samantha's adorable pics on your Facebook page. Congratulations on your new bundle of joy! Madz De Leon