12 June 2015

Learning Through Play with Ogalala World

Three years ago, I decided to send my daughter to a Progressive School. In my judgment as her primary caregiver, I believed that she'd learn more without the concrete structure and routine that most traditional schools offer. Any four-year-old learns best through play. And she did, with flying and sparkling rainbow colors. Now, she'll be a first grader on Monday, in the same school. She can now read a bit, has a good handwriting and is overly excited to learn. "It's fun, 'Nay", that's what she always says. In the deepest corner of my competitive heart, I want her to be on top, I want her to be best in everything. But my mommy heart pounds for something else. I just really want her to have fun and enjoy her daily life as a student. After all, my parenting goal has always been to raise a healthy and happy kid. 

So when Ogalala World invited us to attend a bloggers workshop cum playdate, I nonchalantly said yes. You see, I decided to go to blogging/media events only if it will help me enrich my life as a woman, wife and mom. And my decision was right. 

Ogalala World colorfully welcomed us, the mom bloggers and kids, in their store at EDSA Shangri-La Plaza Mall a week ago. Our children played and drew and colored while we listened to Teacher Maia, who discussed with us the company's belief that "play and creativity enable kids to enjoy learning and love life". She told us about the different kinds of learners, the ways on how we can teach our children, the appropriate materials that can help children learn best and how to make learning more enjoyable. Teacher Maia also introduced to us the world's top branded educational toys that Ogalala World carefully selected for their store — Crayola, Melissa & Doug, Artec, Animal Planet, Discovery Kids, and now The Leaning Journey   which all contribute to a child’s physical, intellectual, social, and emotional development. True enough, we may be with our kids but it definitely was the least stressful day for us as mom bloggers. They were all busy in their own small worlds!

My mini miss only got a bit impatient when the event was about to end since she still wanted to maximize all the awesome Crayola stuff the Ogalala team prepared for them. Her pseudo-PMS easily went away, though when they handed us their gift for my little artist. No less than the Crayola Ultimate Art Supplies Kit I was eyeing (along with the fabric markers, hihi)! She got super excited we used it immediately the next day. Thank you so much, Ogalala World. Sophiacasso is currently in art spree with her treat from Crayola. 

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PPS - We received a gift from Crayola but all photos, thoughts and opinions are my own.

Ogalala is a branded System in Play developed by Internationale Globale Marques Inc. (IGM), distributor, manufacturer, and licensee of leading children’s global brands for the past 30 years. Taking its cue from play and parenting insights that integrate learning to play, Ogalala’s Play and Learn System develops the physical, intellectual, social, and emotional skills of a child from birth to 12 years. Know more about Ogalala at www.oga-lala.com.

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  1. Lovely writeup, Mommy Denise :) We're so happy that you and Sophia appreciate the world of Ogalala and its advocacy! Hope to see you soon!