24 February 2014


"My daughter's photos, once a week, every week, in 2014."

As much as I'd like to avoid posting sad things here, this photo pretty summed up my little warrior's week. Well, it doesn't look bad, it's actually colorful! We stayed at MIL's house (our former home) for five days. Pia was sick since Thursday morning, she had on and off fever and "tigdas hangin". A day before that, I tagged her along to an event, which I'd tell you more about in the coming posts. Perhaps, the long travel to and fro was when she got the "bad air". On a lighter note, look at this photo: It was so cool that she was on stage with Giselle Sanchez! Funnily and unfortunately, she walked out on her. Hehe. Anyway, even if it helped that MIL has a helper (meaning, I didn't wash dishes and clean house), I haven't relaxed a bit. I kept on checking the girl's body temperature, as in, every.freaking.hour! It's now back to normal though but I hate that she has blisters at the right corner of her mouth, which happened to her before. I'm applying Mupirocin to it, three times a day. So yes, I'm currently a mombie but I'm very, very happy we're home and she's doing good. Thank you to all who prayed for her. ♡


  1. yey! magaling na si Pia. <3 take care po kayo muther and Pia.. :)

  2. I've been seeing that Chrysanthemum book from a lot of Pia-related posts. I don't think it's her favorite. Haha. Buti nalang magaling na si Pia