16 February 2014

That Big Kilig Feeling: Plants Edition

My husband isn't a big romantic guy with big romantic gestures. OK, wait. He did ask some of his then-cadet friends to paint my name on a white blanket and hang it for everyone to see that a certain Denise is loved by somebody from the academy. He also left a big, big stuffed toy in my apartment in 2007 as his Valentine's gift. Remember, Bobbie? I like that he bought a mouse to remind me of his big ears. Haha! He organized our civil wedding in 2010. As in, I just bought our clothes and went to the Mayor's office to marry him and be Mrs. Rayala. That day made me feel like a real queen, despite the simplicity of everything. Also, he bought me a pink Samsung point-and-shoot camera for my birthday two years ago. He bought that when we were having a fight. Imagine that! 

*flips hair*

For this year's Valentine's Day, he gave me a heart-shaped black forest cake as his pasalubong. He drove for almost 7 hours and to see him bringing a big red box gave me a teenager kind of excitement. It was cute that he bought that using the GCs I gave him. We funnily bickered over that for almost an hour! Hahaha! I know he doesn't have enough money 'cause the car just got out of the repair shop last week. I was teasing him that he should have bought me flowers instead. Then we passed by my mom's place and saw the lot fronting the street ― it sells plants! My husband saw the enthusiasm in my eyes as I looked at it. He said something like "I'll ask Ate ___ [a certain old woman who's friends with his men] for some indoor plants". I didn't react when he said that but deep inside me, I was so kilig. I was just insinuating that I want a bouquet of flowers and that I got excited there's a nearby plant nursery; there he was, in the middle of his new duties at work, thought of my plant dreams! Hihi. Well, he's now back to the camp as of this post and writing this made me miss him. I can't wait for him to come back so I could plant him my sweetest kiss! See what I did there? ♥

How 'bout you, my dear royalties, what were your husband's gestures that made you so kilig?

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  1. Nag-Rejoice ka ba girl?! Hihihi! So sweet naman si Manong Kawal! Ang-haba ng byahe ha para lang dalhan ka ng cake. :) Well I'd rather receive sweets than flowers. My husband knows that I don't like receiving flowers. Ang katwiran ko "Nakakain ba ang bulaklak?" Hahaha! My husband is also a sweet guy. Like any other men, nagkaka-amnesia sya when it comes to remembering special dates. Kainis lang. Pero bumabawi naman by giving me all sorts of food that I like. He's not creative. Naku, hindi nya maiisip ang kasweetan ni Rhambo. Magpapa-party ako pag naisip nya yung katulad nung nasa picture. Hahaha!