18 February 2014

My Readers Make Me Feel Like a Rock Star

I checked my stats earlier in the dashboard. My average number of page views per month is 10,000. I'm not so sure if it's good enough so I asked a few people in my community and Marge said it is good enough. She even said I'm already "made" when I posted a status on my personal Facebook account saying that I have been receiving a lot of event invites lately. To be honest, I sheepishly accepted her statement. I don't think I'm in that stage already. I feel like I'm still at step 3 of 50. But yes, I am claiming that I am getting there not just for my ego and self-esteem and worth ― but also for you, my dear royal readers.

It's true when celebrities and actors say that if not for their supporters, they won't be at where they are now. I really believe that readers play a big part on a blogger's (and her blog's) success. Who would comment here? Who would tick that like button on my fan page? Who would retweet? Who would give me a heart on Instagram? Who would make me feel like a rock star when in real life, I'm a non-bra-wearing stay-at-home-mom? YOU.
You, who are real and royal.
You, who paid a visit here giving this blog a +1 hit even if you don't intend to read my posts.
You, who got bored with my current post so you decided to backread.
You, who'd later find out that before all these, I was a giveaway maniac.
You, who liked my statuses on Facebook but never read my blog posts.
You, who would go on "liking trip" on all my photos on Instagram.
You, who loved the way I tell a story.
You, who think I'm such a braggart.
You, who can always relate to what I am going through as a woman, wife and mom.
You, who I call my husband.
You, who roll your eyes when you read something you don't like.
You, who wonder how I manage to do things at home.
You, who wonder why it seems like I'm online 24/7.
You, who left a nasty comment here and got frustrated because I didn't publish it.
You, who actually married a military guy, too.
You, who laughed with me.
You, who cried with me.
You, who want to meet me in person.
You, who want to meet me in person and slap my face.
You, who want to meet me in person and slap my face with lots of make-up because I need it!
You, who think I'm fashionably-challenged.
You, who feel like giving me clothes because I always wear the same thing in photos.
You, who thought of me as a looter.
You, who hate me but actually read my blog.
You, who beki-talked with me.
You, who subscribed to my newsfeeds because you want to stay updated.
You, who joined my giveaways.
You, who read everything I post here.
You, who feel happy for me when I'm happy.
You, who blog, too.
You, who will feel sad if I'd quit blogging.
You, who accidentally landed in this cyber palace.
You, who may be good or bad, are a reader.
You, who make me feel like a rock star.
You, royalties, are the main reason why I still do giveaways! That's the only way I could thank you for reading my blog. When I was in 5th grade, my dream was to become a writer; that kind of writer who actually published a book, which I would sign for the readers. But now, I dream to become a writer, who would actually want to reach out to her readers... and yes, still sign that book. Thank you for reading my blog! You rock! As in... ng bonggang-bongga. ♡


  1. rak en rol muther! <3 you are so bonggels to the highest level! :D

    1. Naka-relate ka ba sa You, who would go on "liking trip" on all my photos on Instagram? Hahaha! Thank you, Istin. Punta kayo dito ni Mira sa house sa summer. Marami na kaming gamit!! Haha! ♥

    2. muther nako totoo tinamaan ako dun sa IG hahahaha. halatang stalker ang peg. wala na ksi ako IG sa mobile kaya via web lang ako nagchecheck ng IG mo to get updated... Sige muther dadalaw ako sa inyo jan sa summer. Yey! <3

    3. Sure, sure! PM me in my fan page when you plan ha para makaprepare kahit paano. ;)

  2. Thanks Queen B for the appreciation... <3 <3 <3 Happy 5th blogoversary.... <3

    1. Uy, di ko pa blogoversary. Haha! And 2nd pa lang. Relax... :)

  3. I think when you say royal or queen or domestic, what people would think in the blogosphere is Bebengisms and this is because you did make a mark in the industry na. :D I'm grateful I'm mentored (for free) by you!

    1. Naks naman! Echusera ka eh mag-pinsan tayo. Hahahaha! Pero thank you. Maka-industry ka naman diyan kala mo artista tayo eh noh? Hahaha! See you on Thursday. ♥

  4. Hi, long time reader here. I love your blog because it's honest pasok ako dun sa "You, who can relate to what I am going through as a woman, a wife, and a mom".
    Oh and btw, your adorable Pia and my daughter are in the same school as well. :)

    1. Oooh, sino ang anak mo? I hope I can see you in school! Thank you for reading Bebengisms. ♥

  5. Love you and your blog, Denise! Mwah! You always have my support.