12 November 2013

Pray Without Ceasing

Two hours earlier, I was really really sleepy. Obviously, it changed. In between my yawns, I almost wanted to get pissed at my daughter who didn't show any signs of sleepiness. While she was putting herself to sleep, I scanned my Facebook and then my Instagram. 90% of posts in my newsfeed are about Yolanda. It woke me up -- literally and figuratively. Honestly, I didn't watch news, I didn't get too involved by posting updates on my social media accounts; and yes, I haven't donated anything. I must be a selfish witch, you can say that. But hey, I actually do not care about what other people will think of me for not getting involved, for not posting about #YolandaPH updates and for not donating. Why? Because I know that God sees what's in my heart. I am not worrying because I know He is in control.

I am sharing with you these thoughts because it is something that I'd like you to realize. I know that Yolanda's victims need clean water and warm food; and that my thoughts wouldn't be of great help. But let me tell you this my friend, Zamboanga recently suffered what man has done. It was not mother nature's rage. It was a man-made destruction, but they have survived and by God's grace, moved on. 

Like what Frances said in her post in Topaz Horizon, Filipinos are typhoon veterans. We know what to do when disasters like this strikes. I can still remember when Ondoy hit Metro Manila in 2009. It happened 3 days after LB's 1st birthday. My poor baby caught an air borne skin disease and suffered from it for a week. If she didn't hold a party for her birthday days earlier, we didn't have enough money for her medication. Yes, we used her cash gifts from her godparents. 

See, God has provided. It's nothing compared to what Leyte and neighboring provinces experienced but it is just a simple testimonial that above all these sad and depressing things that are happening in our country, there is God who is in control of everything. If only I could hug each and every mom who have lost a child from typhoon Yolanda, that would definitely my biggest help. But since it's far from reality, I will do what I can do best -- PRAY WITHOUT CEASING. :')

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