25 November 2013

Royal Ramblings

10 days. Where have I been? 

If we're friends on Facebook, you most probably know where I am. I'm just there and on Instagram, too. This will start as sad my dear royal readers, but I do hope it will end in a happy note. So I hope you'd bear with my drama queen moments in a bit. OK, here it is.

Let me bleed with thoughts.

I love blogging, I really do! This is the only thing I have. As in, I don't have any "formal occupation" to put in when I fill out any form (like when King R and I bought new specs in Quiapo). Bebengisms gave boost to my slowly-going-down confidence when I quit my job last year. This cyber palace opened new experiences for me. I have been invited to events that I never thought had ever existed, I received items/services I know I won't personally spend on (like an Enjoy Philippines membership card and Revlite facial treatment by AIP) and most of all, I've met people -- mostly women -- who, may not be like me but are also blogging. The latter's the coolest, I guess. My being a SAHM won't make me meet intellectual, conversationalist kind of people every day. Well, conversationalist -- I can get that from cab drivers. Intellectual -- I rarely get that from the people I encounter. So yes, I officially love bloggers' events for that reason. 

Conference, store opening and intimate lunch.
Bloggers' events, oh it make me high! With food, freebies and fab people, who wouldn't be? However, I realized it made me real tired. It's just me, don't worry. I'm just getting old. Hehe. And it caused me to feel guilty if I don't post an aftermath article right away. Yes, the pressure to update the blog is the hardest. Sadly, instead of fighting for it -- I gave in to my laziness. (insert a pink castle gone gray)

Perks of blogging: facial treatment, hair makeover, expensive lifestyle coupons
In the midst of what seemed to be a torture of silence, I got invited to Ford Philippines' celebration of International Children's Day in Greenbelt two Saturdays ago. Their favorite media peeps and their kids were treated to a movie party. I tagged along LB. We watched Free Birds and we were given popcorns and canned softdrinks. My fellow bloggy queen, Kim of Mom on Duty, and I felt so important that day. That was when I realized I should give my best shot again in blogging. I know you may be asking in your minds if I'm getting tired of all of these. I will confess...

LB enjoying Free Birds for free! 
... yes, a bit. I was like 60% sure of quitting this crazy beautiful thing next year. In fact, I planned on how I will say goodbye to all of you -- I'd be doing a giveaway and that will be the last post. I also thought of deactivating my Twitter account because I rarely tweet. I will filter my friends list on Facebook again and remove some unnecessary people. I wanted to keep my life real private again. But after that movie party event, I felt so bad that I even thought of those plans. Perhaps I just needed a break. If you have noticed, after a giveaway and a product review, I just can't post about anything. Not even my weekly AML! I'm 3 weeks late. So I need 3 moms. Any volunteer? I haven't even posted my Nanaygosyante for October! I don't have a Nanaygosyante for November yet. What the heck is happening with me?? I resorted to microblogging on IG and FB fan page that I forgot that I have obligations to my dear readers. Yes, you my royal reader: to you who have stuck with me during my boring post days, who helped me gain traffic, who commented in my posts even if it's as lame as a copy-pasted press release, who happily joined my giveaways despite the strict rules (hehe) and who virtually made me feel I'm an important person in the blogosphere. 

My 10-day break made me contemplate on what I should be doing with my blog next year. And that is to mommy blog. Really, I haven't mapped out on what features I'd retain or add. I just planned on sharing with you my life as an Army wife, girly and dirty things my Little Bebeng does and well, my royal duties as a domestic queen. I thought that posts like these reflect the real Bebeng in real life. Go and ask my husband how I am at home, in car or anywhere where I can voice out my thoughts -- and that's what you gonna get. But of course, there'll be occasional giveaways, which are fun to do anyway. ;) Speaking of giveaways, I think I will have one last for 2013. I have a sponsored giveaway in the works but what I'm more excited about is my Royal Reader award. I'd be giving some stuff to that one fellow queen who's always here, on Facebook or Instagram. I'd be telling you about this on December 1st. 

Alright, I guess I got my drive back. 
I'm chatty and rambling and making endless chika again. 
Time to re-organize my cyber life. I need some virtual hugs, reynabelles! ♔


  1. hello muther Bebeng! i miss you. :)

  2. Nashocked ako ha! Clicked kagad ng link sa FB! After reading this post, hay salamat!

  3. too early to say goodbye :)

  4. virual hug ang kisses for you!!!

  5. I rarely comment on your posts, I just love reading them. But when I saw your status update on Facebook, I thought "Huuwwwattt!?" Anyare? You can't leave just like that. Panic mode ako. Then I read the full story. What a relief! Please continue blogging and inspiring moms like me. :) HUGS!!!

  6. Hugs to you, D! :) I totally get where you're coming from and have had the same thoughts one time or another. But you know what? Every time I felt like I wanted to quit, I actually bounced back stronger, wiser, and more careful to really blog only based on what I loved. You'll be able to so that, too! Mwah! See you soon!