27 November 2013

The Captain Has Been Promoted to Domestic King

Few weeks earlier, I had the light that Sophia accidentally blew up in the bathroom upstairs repaired by a neighbor, who used to work as an electrician. Originally, I wanted to wait for my husband to come home and tell ask him to do the much-needed repair. I thought that it might not happen anyway. Ugh *rolls eyes*. He is not a handy daddy, unfortunately. It's a very sad fact for a damsel who's always in distress, like me. Well, to be fair, he painted our old home in 2009. Bad news though: he has problems with colors. Our house looked so Avril Lavigne kind of purple. So emo, so rockstar. It was supposed to be a little of lilac-ish but he was the one who bought the customized paint, as I was taking care of an infant then. So there. I just made do with what we already had - paired it with black, glass and stainless stuff to give the old apartment a modern vibe. 

That's one skill that any woman married to a man working away from home must acquire: Learning the art of make-shift.

I remember when we rented a shoebox of a house in Pasig and that I needed to put up curtains and that he was not around. I was silently cursing him in every pound of the hammer in my finger the nail. LOL.

My husband is the only boy and youngest in the brood of four. According to MIL, my late FIL never wanted him to touch any womanly domestic duties at home. He was designated as their errand boy. In fact, when the rebellious teenager R disappointed his folks, as a punishment, he was tasked to do the laundry. Well, FIL should have taught him to do more "dirty" work! Hehe. Seriously, I can't question him for not doing what most by-the-book dads do. His being a military officer doesn't really require him to do such things. So yes, I understand him.

 I'm a kikay handy mommy.
But hey! I love him to bits despite that and I will not end this post with wifely complaints. The previous paragraphs were just the prologue to what I wanted to tell you. I am actually a very lucky wife. My king came home for 4 days and though I was physically, emotionally and sexually (of course) prepared, the house wasn't. A pile of freshly-laundered clothes welcomed him at the couch. Dirty plates and glasses were smiling at him when he entered our kitchen.

Guess what?

I woke up one morning with folded clothes. Though not neatly done, it was still frikkin' folded!!! Wait, there's more. I turned on the light in my cute kitchen and saw newly-washed almost dripping plates! Hallelujah!!! He was lying at the couch like a boss in front of the TV when I saw all of those. I felt as if he was a lifeguard in Baywatch, looking so gorgeous and all. LOL. I gently hugged him, smelled him like a lola and showered him with kisses. Woohoo! My captain, oh captain is now a domestic king. Insert flowers, hearts, birds sweetly chirping, angels singing bonggelz-ly and sexbomb dancers doing some Jean Claude Van Damme epic splits here.

And so when we passed by Sesou's kiosk in Trinoma, I bought a bottle of Droplets of Nature dishwashing liquid. It's his current favorite sink buddy! My R, a stern and strict military officer, is a homebody domestic king. He really kept his promise that he told me 5 years  ago  he will be a blessing. Oh yes, he is! Naks.

What about your husband, my fellow dear queen? Can he make Martha Stewart look lazy?


  1. Oh yes! Daddy Practicality is more domesticated than I am. He cooks, he cleans, he does everything better at home than I do. I give the crown to him! :D

  2. sweet naman ni El Kapitan, muther Bebeng.. hihihi. :) parang si Joaquin (G2B) lang lakas maka-kilig much.

  3. Nakakakilig talaga to see our husbands do the dishes or wash the clothes, di ba? Especially kung hindi natin sila inuutusan. Hehehe! I do almost everything here in our balur. I'm a labandera, plantsadora, taga-linis, etc. Bt I can't cook a decent dish. Palaging palpak yung sa akin. :( Si hubby yung masarap magluto. And I don't know how to use a hammer, really. I remember, when my skin astma attacked last summer, hubby did almost everything kasi yung mga kamay ko tadtad ng blisters. Imagine fried skinless longganisa. Ganun yung mga kamay ko. So hubby did almost everything for me. After work, sya ang naglalaba, nagluluto, naghuhugas ng mga pinagkainan. Hay, what will I do without him. Hehe! Cheers to our domesticated husbands! :)

  4. Yes! :) He may not be the best cook in the world (he only knows a few dishes--anything fried, adobo, nilaga, sinigang and spaghetti... okay na din, kesa wala. Hihihi!), but I am proud to say that I can leave the kids--and the house--to him, without me going insanely worried. We are lucky mommas! *High five* :)

  5. Hey Denise! Slowly, as in very sloowly, my husband is making progress in the housekeeping department. He used to leave our bed messy when he would leave for work (ako kasi nauuna umalis ng bahay), but these days, pag dumadating ako, our bed is clean and orderly. For him (and maybe for some guys), ung subtle hints work better, rather than nagging about it.

  6. Hubby doesn't cook - but he can do pretty much everything I should be doing as a 'domesticated wife'! :) He washes the plates, cleans efficiently, makes the bed like a pro, rearranges the furniture like it's his hobby - he's a total neat freak, so sya ang gumagawa. Hehe. And yes, he even does my daughter's hair, which I do a really sloppy job of. :D And ewan ko kung 'domestic task' ba ang gift-wrapping, pero pang-SM ang skills ni hubby sa giftwrapping. Kahit yung mahirap ibalot dahil kakaiba yung shape, grabe he does it well, and fast! Kakabilib lang. :) I on the other hand --- I can cook, I can do the cleaning things too, but not as good as him. We're all definitely lucky with our hubbies! They're not perfect men, but they're OUR perfect husbands. Swak na swak sa atin kumbaga. Hehe.