13 November 2013

A Mom's Life: 42/48

Yay! Another WAHM royalty in the palace, yo. And beat this, solo mom, too! Tell me, is she a superhero of some sort? She should be one of mom-vengers. Hahaha! I don't know much about her but there's one thing she already is that I'd like to be -- a mom of a kiddie model. Says my 42nd AML royalty --
"A lot of people have convinced me to let my son join the limelight, having stage mom friends whom I just also met online (multiply and Friendster era). Some started their kids' modelling career by submitting photos on magazines; my child didn't. He started by joining amateur fashion shows (in which we registered and paid) in 2011, then had his profile at an agency. Then we attended casting calls one after another. We tried auditioning for a year before hed had his big break. 2013 has been a blessed year for his career. 
So far, here are his projects:
SSS print ad, Mucosolvan print ad, two fashion shows for Ceelin Plus, Chiz Escudero campaign ad, Globe telecoms viral video, SM UN and Halloween print ad, 7-eleven print ad,  and Pagcor tv commercial."
Oh 'di ba, so bongga lang! LB has been in a billboard-sized tarp for her school's ad for almost a year already and until now, I still love looking at her candid sweet smile. Eh yung known brand and with talent fee pa kaya? So I'm sure this queen here is one proud momma.

NAME: Donna Donor

AGE: 36 (second debut, haha)

CHILD, AGE: Kib, 7yo

OCCUPATION: work from home mom (online teaching and events management, sometimes getting VA jobs on the side if there's any)

FAVORITE OUTFIT: shorts (para sexy pa rin kahit chubby, lol), cotton top (dahil ayaw ko na magplantsa, haha), slippers from Ipanema or ballet flats from SM. Footwear must be light on the feet because I drive.

MUST-HAVE BEAUTY COSMETIC: Pretty When Pinched from Bench (easy application and right on the budget), colored lip balm from Human Heart Nature (flame tree color).

HOBBIES: surfing the internet, shopping (if i have money, haha), doing some DIY stuff, meeting friends, travel with my little one (at least once a year we have a grand vacation).

CURRENT READ/WATCH: I don't watch on local TV channels that often, usually I'm hooked watching shows at History Channel (Pawn Stars, Kings of Restoration, The Pickers, Count's Customs), when there's a new season of The Amazing Race on AXN, I also make sure I watch the whole season as well. I'm a sucker for reality shows. Too bad I can no longer follow America's Next Top Model and Hell's Kitchen.

FAVORITE DOMESTIC DUTY: Call me crazy but I like cleaning our bathroom! I really want it to be squeaky clean.

GUILTY PLEASURE: I like treating myself to a massage especially when I just did a very stressful task. If I chance upon a discount at Ace Water Spa, I buy vouchers too. I like eating chicharon too, hehe

PET PEEVE: I hate it when they misspell my name! Binabawasan ng isang N ang first name ko, maikli na nga name ko pinapaikli pa, hehe. I also hate it when there are crazy drivers on the road too, it makes me nervous.

Queen B says: I hate 10/16-wheeler trucks (called long bed) kasi when they make a turn, feeling ko hahampas their tail sa akin. -_-

2013 GOAL: I was blessed with another job but still a home-based job. Online teaching has been my major income ever since but I was given an opportunity to try something new which is events management. I really like trying out organizing events and so far I'm learning. Also, not really for myself but for my son, he has been blessed with commercial modelling projects and hopefully it'll continue to thrive.

Personally, I want him to become a pilot (hopefully I can afford it, haha). But whatever path he choses, I'll be happy to support him. If he is going to have luck on showbusiness, I'll make sure that he finishes his study first. Iba pa rin ang may tinapos.

Queen B says: Hey Dona dear, este Donna (2 Ns, I got it hehe)! Thanks for this. Special creature, you really are. Life will be awesome in His time. Cheers! ♡

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