27 November 2013

A Mom's Life: 44/48

It's not hot news for you my royal readers that I super salute solo moms; solo moms who are really good moms. Yup, I know some solo moms who aren't. Anyway, here's another work-at-home solo mom for this week's A Mom's Life.

NAME:  Ghezzi Santos

AGE: 29

CHILD, AGE:  Gale Avelin, 5

OCCUPATION: WAHSM. J Currently, I’m a freelance web all-rounder — I do SEO, make websites (html and CSS), graphic designs, write articles, and web research.  Sometimes I help with the family shoe manufacturing business and planned on putting up my own line of bridal shoes, but last year I decided to study another course so I have to set aside my plans. Next year, I will finish the computer course I took, so hopefully I can continue my plans, if not, I might take up another course.

FAVORITE OUTFIT: spandex shirt, jeans, flats, and ponytail

MUST-HAVE BEAUTY COSMETIC: moisturizer, eyebrow liner, face powder, lip tint

HOBBIES: crafting, sewing, sketching designs, printing stickers, collecting cute stuff, reading craft blogs  

CURRENT READ/WATCH: Audrey Hepburn movies, ABS CBN primetime shows, Elegant Musings by Casey

FAVORITE DOMESTIC DUTY: mending torn clothes

GUILTY PLEASURE:  When I was younger, I always set aside a budget for buying Hello Kitty stuff. I always buy from Gift Gate because I want the HK’s made by Sanrio so sometimes I spend beyond my budget. I kept most of my HK collections in a box together with some 90’s memorabilia and my high school favorites – complete collection of  Spice girls cassette tapes!, CDs, M2M album, LOVE LETTERS! little gifts from friends, stationeries, stickers, girl scout pins, etc., Unfortunately, in 2009 Ondoy came and washed my HK’s away, after that I was heartbroken and didn’t collect anything again. Right now my guilty pleasure could be the hoarding of crafting stuff. I have lots of polymer clay I haven’t unpacked since I bought those couple of years ago.  

PET PEEVE: Dirty feet on my bed sheet, messy bed.

2013 GOAL: To launch a different kind of website (I can’t disclose the idea yet) and to finish my 2nd course.

Queen B says: Ghezzi is taking up one-year Computer Programming course in Informatics.

I want her to be healthy all the time, especially her lungs. 
I also wish Gale won’t lose her interest in school. 
I pray that she remain a good girl, and a child that is easy to deal with. 
I pray that she would always be surrounded with good company
until she gets old. 
"Rearing Gale alone during her baby-toddler years was difficult. I believe that nurturing a child should be done by two people — a mom and a dad. In my case, I didn’t have a choice. I belong to a complete, happy family and my childhood is a fun story to tell, that is why I was afraid of the kind of future I could give Gale. 
I was afraid but at the same time, I was challenged. Gale was a happy baby, well-behaved toddler, and now, a curious preschooler. She could be very naughty just like other kids but her good heart and nice personality always shows on her face. Seeing my daughter as she is now makes me really proud. 
If there is one thing I like about being a single mom is that I can discipline Gale my way. I’m tough when it comes to that and I don’t spare the rod. Single motherhood is hard but because God is good and my family has been very supportive, everything seems to work out well and in fairness with her dad, he’s always there when she needs him."


  1. Hi Ghezzi! One time lang kita nameet way back 2003 pa ata #Marikina DALnet days pa. God bless you and your pretty daughter. Merry Christmas to you and also muther Bebeng!

    I mishu Muther! Enjoy your vacation at the camp. :)

  2. Wow, nainspire ako ha! I'm actually thinking of taking up a multimedia course at UP's Open University or MIS in ADMU. I've put it off for a year na because I don't know if I can 'manage' study time + work + two toddlers.

  3. Gale avelin santosWednesday, 02 January, 2019

    Hi im gale im 10 know i cant belive time moves so fast my mom has 2 other children now maya and alyse i love them so much

    1. Hi, Gale! My eldest Sophia is also 10. Hope you can become friends with her. ❤️