11 November 2013

What an eventful weekend!

My Samsung S3 Mini's battery was sick this past weekend; hence, lack of photos that serve as microblogs on my Instagram account. I bought a new battery earlier after doing some errands. The battery was so swollen kaya pala it's not working. A blogger with no camera in a bloggers' event is like a soldier in a battlefield without a gun. Yes, epic fail. I brought my point and shoot camera but guess what? Battery's low. Why?

Anyway, my mantra lately? I am too blessed to get stressed!

I'd be doing separate posts for each of the events I've been to but these are some snippets. I had my most-awaited hair makeover courtesy of Cynos Inside Hair Care. I love my ash blonde crowning glory. Really. As in, this is my #ggss moment. Hehe. Then I went to see TriNoma's Merry Musical Nights launch. Was I tired? A bit. But I didn't forget Sophia's bilin: donuts for pasalubong. I bought Krispy Kreme. She wolfed down one with sprinkles before we went to slumberland.

The next day was another makeover sesh. I had my face treated by Aesthetic Institute of the Philippines. They used Revlite and wow, as in my face visibly changed after 15 minutes. Can't wait to tell you the deets. Big thanks to Louise of Mommy Practicality for enlisting us to this very happy opportunity! After this lakas-makadiyosang facial treatment, I went to the Mommy Mundo Bazaar at the Rockwell Tent. My Sunday has not ended yet with the nakakaubos ng lakas and perang bazaar (hihi), I attended Precious Moments' pre-Christmas dinner for bloggers. I didn't know there were so many cutesy stuff in that shop in Buendia. Was I tired this time? Super.

For the record, I made all these lagare-ing of events because it's a weekend. If you will notice, I rarely (or don't at all) go to events when it's scheduled on a weekday. Except if it is of a brand I really, really love, like Sangobion. By the way, all these makeover high and lagare-ing was shared with my royal freshness friend, Kim of Mom on Duty. In between hair dye, waiting, traffic and bites on food, we talked about how life is cruel and beautiful all at the same time. I'm glad that after this eventful weekend, I found a friend I'd surely keep until our menopausal days - to blogging, camel and beyond! 

How about you? Was your weekend an eventful one? Share how it went in the comments!


  1. Naku muther paglabas mo ng kotse pabulong-bulong si A na ang sakit ng sinumpa natin pag may kalokohan sila. Hahaha!

    1. Hahaha! Kaya 'wag silang loloko-loko. Sasakay talaga tayo ng camel! Hahaha! :D

  2. beautiful friends flock together like birds of the same feather flock together..... anong connection or did I make sense? in short pretty girls,hehehehe...

  3. Muther you should hoard on your phone's batt. I promise you there is more to come. Sickness of Samsung that they haven't solved yet. #stressdrilon