08 November 2013

Squeeze Your Creative Juice with Planet Slate's JuiceBox

My being a stay-at-home-mom (SAHM) means I need to be as creative as I could be in entertaining my little artist. It'd surely be impractical and costly to go out every weekend. And it's not in my mom-vocabulary to basically stay at home and do nothing (though I personally would choose that in a heartbeat). The great Pablo Picasso said: "Every child is an artist; the problem is staying an artist when you grow up." 

See, our children could be the future Picasso. The possible key to that success would be the parents' consistency in developing the child's gift of art. Like what I said, we rarely go out. Commuting is a big production number. But hello, we need to shop. We go to the supermarket for groceries, mall for clothes that would replace the old ones and bookstores for books (duh Queen B, did you really have to mention that? lol). That's just about it. We forget that there are other things that my daughter needs. Say, art materials? Oh, I do need some, too. Crafting is something I love doing to relax and just create. 

And we're fortunate to have received the anniversary edition of JuiceBox delivered right here at the comfort of our home! It is a per-subscription program that was created by the geniuses behind the Slate Planner. Our box contains a cute doodle notebook, Uni fine line pen, wooden illustrator and some inserts like Jamba Juice GCs (which I didn't get to use because I received the package on its expiration date) and JuiceBox sticker. I love the daintiness of the wooden illustrator. The notebook has pages which has been pre-doodled that provoke/encourage/fuel you to create your own artwork out of an arc or circle. It was really perfect for my little doodle master! She actually filled out like 10 pages in one seating. :)))

So if you and your kids love arts and crafts, you might want to subscribe to JuiceBox. It's Php395 per month only! The thrill of opening a box of surprises is like included in what you have paid. Sweet. 

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