13 September 2013

National Teachers' Month 2013

When my daughter started going to school last year, I doubted if her teachers would be able to woo her to listen to and follow them. It sure was tough, especially on her first week. Her former teacher even confessed that she wanted to give up. Of course, it didn't happen. In fact, LB bagged the Most Improved Award in the Behavioral Category during last school year's recognition day. So yeah, there were better days. My little punk may still have you know, punk-y days, but it's nothing compared to what she has been prior her schooling. I really have the PSS teachers to thank for.

When I learned that President Aquino declared the period from September 5th to October 5th of every year as National Teachers' Month, I automatically wrote a mental note for myself that I'd give LB's teachers some tokens of appreciation. I originally thought of giving them shiny, red Washington apples because that's soooo classic. Hehe. However, I came from the Sangobion lunch in Makati Shangrila that day before picking up my girl from school, so I gave them little trinkets I found at Papemelroti and Fully Booked instead. 

My sister-in-law, who teaches at Batasan National Highschool later said that she's not aware that they're already celebrating Teachers' Month when I told her. According to her, they usually celebrate it every 5th of October, along with the other teachers all over the world. I kinda felt bad that they weren't given enough bang here in our country, compared to other employees working for the government. And did you know that they don't have medical benefits? I mean, they don't have free services from a certain hospital when they need to be hospitalized. They don't have AFP Medical Center like that of the soldiers' and Camp Crame Hospital as that for the policemen, jailers and firemen. Good thing though that Quezon City gives them transportation and clothing allowances. But how about those from other cities and far flung towns? Sadly, forgotten. So before we condemn or insult some teachers for selling longganisa, tocino or Avon products, let's try to be in their shoes first. I'm sure we won't fit in.

If you haven't greeted your child's teachers, you still have few more days to give them the special treatment they deserve. We don't need to lavish them with extravagant presents (but I'm sure they won't complain if you'd do hihi), just at least show them that you appreciate their efforts for being there for your child. As for me, I am very grateful that my daughter is in the hands of teachers who fear and believe in God. 

To TL, TP, TM, TF, TS and the rest of the
Primemont Science School faculty --- 
Happy National Teachers' Month! 
Pak. :*


  1. Thank you for posting this. Im a teacher and although I havent resorted to selling longganisa and Avon (yet. Hehehe), I know what you mean when you said teachers dont get the compensation we deserve. Sorry, dont mean to rant. Just saying. :)
    But at the end of the day, a simple thank you from students and parents,too is enough. Knowing that our efforts are appreciated.

    Thank you again, Mommy Bebeng for this. Im sure LB's teachers are very happy.

    1. Wow! I have reader who's a teacher! You're very welcome, Kristine. :)

  2. This deserves to be printed out, framed, and displayed at the Batcave! ♡ Sometimes I get so wrapped up in how this job is not a joke and how tough it tends to become that I focus too much on what I'm doing wrong— forgetting na may nagagawa rin naman pala akong tama from time to time. (Drama! Lol.) Masarap lang pong ma-affirm na we're on the right track. Thank you for going out of your way to make us feel appreciated, Momma B! :)

    PS: Everyone was gushing over the handwritten notes. :)

    1. Lahat naman ng jobs for sure may ups and downs. And as long as you make the kids happy, regardless if they can't write or read yet (tulad ng mga old-school peeps sa tabi-tabi) eh happy na din kaming mga parents dun. :)

      The handwritten notes were "rushed" pa nga, kung may time pa yan for sure nobela yan. Hehe. Glad you guys liked it. ♥