17 September 2013

Rayala Dialogues: Tickle Tuesday Edition

I am not at least a quark doubtful that LB is mine. She may not look like me but her character says a lot about where she came from. She really is her mother's daughter --- a mini me in kadaldalan, that is! Here's a sample ---
LB: The Filipino frog says ribbit!
B: I think it's kokak, 'nak.
LB: Noooo. Chinese frog says 'rokak'. Kai Lan said datt.
B: Ok.
Ikaw na ang multilingual. Sakit mo sa bangs teh. o_O

~ ♔ ~

Here's another one. I went to the market after sending her to school and saw this cute toy crown. 10 feysoses only, muthers! So of course, buysung ko na. Tuwang-tuwa ang bagets that she willingly posed for me so I could post it on Instagram. When I showed her what I did, this was how she reacted ---
B: You're pretty noh?
LB: Yes, but I don't like my ears. I'm like a monkey.
B: Hahaha! No honey, you're so pretty. Don't say that.
LB: Don't laugh, Nay. I don't like my ears. (with a very sad face)
Hahaha! Sorry, natawa talaga ako. But this bothered me ng slight ha. She's only 5 and she doesn't like how she looks na. Eh paano 'pag  dalaga na ito?! Jusmiyo.

~ ♔ ~

Tonight after dinner, drawing-drawing kami while I do finishing touches on her school birthday party invites (#LBTurnsFive sa Instagram, check niyo na lang updates heehee). Then she drew animals for her teachers daw. 
LB: Teacher S loves bunnies.
B: Teacher L loves cats. How about Teacher F?
LB: Cats, too. Teacher P loves dogs.
B: Really?
LB Yes!
B: O, who else?
LB: Teacher M. She loves turtles!
Haha! Bakit turtle?! Teacher M, bukas po ang Bebengisms para sa inyong panig. LMAO.

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  1. LB is so BIBO and talaga namang so pretty! Will I see you on Monday too, Sophia? =)