08 September 2013

Rayala Dialogues: Weather Forecast

Just a quick post while waiting for my best girl C and her sister to arrive. C will be at the US the end of this month to work as a badass physiotherapist in Florida. So well, as my sole HS realest real friend, we have a little despedida slash birthday (mine and LB) salu-salo here at home over Bebeng's Bonggang Bicol Express and fried eggplant, as C requested. She said she'll bring some desserts. I have a basket full of fruits though, in case my fit and fab sistah won't eat what she brought. ;)

My first ever Queenstagram, April 2013
Anyway, share ko lang. Rhambo and I were on our usual kwentuhan over the phone. I called him because our little lady misses him badly. But you know what? She seldom talks to him when her pudrabelle's on the phone! Gusto niya lang naririnig na kausap ko. Pasingit-singit lang siya 'pag naririnig niya name niya. Eavesdropping. Hehe. We were about to end our chismisan when it suddenly rained here, as in scary with kulog and kidlat and flamboyant giant drops.
B: O sige na beb, umuulan na naman dito. Nakakatakot. Galit na galit.
R: Dito nga din parang uulan na.
B: ...
R: Kasi ang lagkit na ng mukha ko eh.
B: ...
R: Yung mukha ko kasi ang PAG-ASA ko, 'pag maalinsangan na...
B: Haha! Oo humid...
R: Oo, 'pag lumalagkit na 'to, sigurado paulan na yan.
Hmm. 'Pag humid lang ba talaga malagkit ang fez mo, jowabelles? Ahihi. ♥


  1. hahhahha.. whoohooo.. laughtrip itey. ^^ winner ang weather forecaster !

    1. Actually, parang madalas naman yan "parang uulan" eh. :)